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Master of Business and Science (MBS) Learning Objectivess

The Rutgers PSM program treats business and leadership as a core part of the program. Learning outcomes include:

  • Development of an applied technical specialization in a concentration/area of Life Sciences, Engineering, or Computer and Information Sciences
  • Good analytical, oral, and written communication skills
  • the connection between technology and business and how technical work impacts the business of organizations
  • fundamental concepts of marketing, business strategy, innovation, and entrepreneurship
  • finance and accounting basics, able to assess the financial aspects of a new scientific venture or project and make recommendations for investments and payback
  • the leadership skills needed to inspire, motivate, and coach individuals and teams
  • the core elements required to design and operate an effective, science-driven organization and how to diagnose and solve organizational problems
  • the core elements of a business plan and how to plan, execute, and run a project that helps translate a real technology from idea to commercialization