MBS Alumni-Student Mentoring Program (For Alumni)

The Rutgers MBS Alumni-Student Mentoring Program is designed to offer guidance to MBS students

throughout their graduate journey through the wisdom and experiences of students before them. 

Value of Being a Mentor

  • Gain leadership experience
  • Improve communication skills
  • Strengthen CV - volunteering opportunities are often valued by employers 
  • Continue to build your own network as you support the expansion of your mentee’s
  • Achieve a sense of fulfillment and enhance your personal growth

Time Commitment 

Option 1 Option 2
  • Minimum participation of 3 months
  • 30-minute conversation each month with assigned mentee (at mutual availability) via phone, video chat or in-person (post-COVID)
  • Opt-out anytime after three months
  • One-time 1hr participation in a Mentorship Workshop 
  • Opportunity to participate in multiple workshops 

Potential Discussion Topics

Program-Specific Professional Development
  • Coursework / course load
  • Electives choices 
  • Professors
  • Networking
  • Job searching
  • Skill / industry-related advancement


Alumni (Mentor) Responsibilities

The mentor is expected to follow the guidelines recommended below: 

Commitment Communication Engage
  • We recommend that mentors/mentees meet at least one hour per month by phone, video-conferencing or in-person. However, you and your mentee can decide on those arrangements together
  • Pairs may choose to exchange emails between meetings to keep in touch. 
  • Commit to being engaged and accessible to the mentee. 
  • Post-pandemic, the mentor has the option to allow their mentee the opportunity to "shadow" them at their place of work. However, there is no expectation to offer this as an option and it will be clear to the mentee that mentors will not provide them with an internship or job. 
  • Listen to the needs and expectations of the mentee and offer advice and guidance. 
  • Help clarify the mentees goals and aspirations. 
  • Share mentor's own experiences, resources and networks with the mentee. 
  • Ask thoughtful questions and provide feedback and guidance to the mentee. 
  • Encourage the mentee to explore new ideas and opportunities. 
  • Offer constructive opinions, while respecting those of the mentee. 


Note to mentors: 

  • If you seek mentoring guidance, please contact Executive Coach, Abbe Rosenthal, MA, PCC to schedule a meeting. 
  • While mentoring, if you become uncomfortable, unhappy or your availability changes, please inform Executive Coach, Abbe Rosenthal, MA, PCC.
  • Abbe Rosenthal, MA, PCC can be reached at abbe.rosenthal@rutgers.edu

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