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MBS Externship Exchange - Corporate Mentorship

MBS Externship badge imageThe Externship Exchange Program provides Rutgers MBS Students a way to engage with organizations and gain professional experience by working on actual problems/challenges. These are unpaid on-campus projects that two or more students work on (usually for academic credit), approximately 8-10 hours per week. Projects run anywhere from 4 weeks to 2.5 months during a semester, although a project may span multiple semesters if there is student interest. MBS students have a broad range of professional experience and there is a variance in the number of program courses they have completed to date. Organization members who have participated in the Externship program have been very happy with the results/project deliverables.

Click here to inquire for more information or arrange to talk to one of our Externship Exchange coordinators.

Or, get in touch with:

Christie Nelson, Ph.D.

Abbe Lynn Rosenthal, MA, PCC

Chart of externship exchanges. For details listed on the chart please contact Christine Nelson at cnelson@dimacs.rutgers.edu.

Sample Projects

New Wilmington Borough - Boroughin Lawrence County, Pennsylvania. Project: Town Revitalization Plan Recommendations.

Colgate-Palmolive - American Multinational consumer products company. Project: Predictive Analytics.

New York Society od Cosmetic Chemists - Dedicated to the advancement of cosmetic science. Project: Social Media Strategy

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What Our Partners are Saying... 

"PharmAllies was deeply impressed by the students of the 2020 MBS externship program. Their levels of both IQ and EQ allowed them to not only conduct in-depth research but also to present it in an understandable fashion. We look forward to continued collaboration with the Rutgers MBS program."

Justin Bechtel, Head of Business Development, PharmAllies

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MBS Externship Exchange Advisory Board

Headshot of Christie Nelson

Christie Nelson, Ph.D.
Assistant Research Professor
MBS Analytics and MBS Cybersecurity Coordinator
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Headshot of Karen Bemis

Karen Bemis
Assistant Director
Assistant Research Professor
Data Visualization and Volcanology
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Headshot of Abbe Rosenthal

Abbe Rosenthal, MA, PCC, LCOP, DYL Certified Coach​
Assistant Director — Corporate Engagement Specialist
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Headshot of Rupa Misra

Rupa Misra, Ed.D.
UXD Concentration Advisor
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Headshot of Lori B. Dars

Lori B. Dars, M.B.A.
Associate Director of Economic Development and Innovation, NJAES
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