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MBS Externship badge imageThe MBS Externship Exchange Program is a great way to get involved. Students can take the Externship Exchange for credit or just participate as a "club". Projects typically run between 6-12 weeks, and students usually work 8-10 hours per week on the Externship projects. Often projects are completed by a few teams of students in groups of 2-5. Since students work on real projects, they often sign confidentially agreements with the company or organization.

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Calendar, clock and group icons. Text...Projects run for 5-12 weeks every semester and student time investment is usually between 8-10h hours and finally, Students work in teams of 2-5 with an MBS Advisor as mentor.

Sample Projects


Sesame Workshop -- Nonprofit organization on a mission to help kids.  Project: Predictive Analytics & Business Intelligence

Citi Ventures - Investor of cutting-edge solutions. Project: User Experience & Market Research

Conrail - Service agent for CSX and Norfolk Southern. Project: Analytics & Data Mining.

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What our Students are Saying...

“The externship exchange was an invaluable experience that complimented my coursework in biotechnology and business. Through exercises in teamwork, leadership, oral presentation, and time management, this opportunity allowed me to develop as an individual and as a professional. Most importantly, having an externship on my résumé was instrumental in me beginning my career in the industry, which I started just 2 months into the externship program.”

Jack Fioretti, MBS Biotech & Genomics

Frequently Asked Questions

Does the Externship Exchange Program need any special requirements or pre-requisites?
No, it does not. Students can even participate in their first semester pursuing an MBS Degree.

Do I get paid?​
The Externship Exchange Program is an unpaid professional learning experience.

Do I get to choose what project I work on?
We will try to accommodate students' preferences as much as possible but is not always guaranteed you will be assigned to a specific project. We must make sure the organization's schedule aligns with students' schedules so all needs can be met. What we guarantee is you will be assigned to a project with your professional interest in mind.

Can I take it for credits?
Absolutely! Students can take it as a credit course, or as a non-credit club learning experience.

How do I sign up?
Fill out this form to start the process.

MBS Externship Exchange Advisory Board

Headshot of Christie Nelson

Christie Nelson, Ph.D.
Assistant Research Professor
MBS Analytics and MBS Cybersecurity Coordinator
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Headshot of Karen Bemis

Karen Bemis
Assistant Director
Assistant Research Professor
Data Visualization and Volcanology
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Headshot of Abbe Rosenthal

Abbe Rosenthal, MA, PCC, LCOP, DYL Certified Coach​
Assistant Director — Corporate Engagement Specialist
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Headshot of Rupa Misra

Rupa Misra, Ed.D.
UXD Concentration Advisor
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Headshot of Lori B. Dars

Lori B. Dars, M.B.A.
Associate Director of Economic Development and Innovation, NJAES
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