Food Innovation Center

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Food Accelerator Research Project

Marketing Website Research Project

Partnership/Sponsorship Research Project

  1. Students worked on a project to review existing programs within the FIC for best practice and to help determine how to structure their new initiative, the Food Business Accelerator program. Students conducted research, analyzed data, presented reported results, and more.
  2. Students reviewed other food incubator/accelerator websites for best practice to help determine how to structure and design specific elements for the FIC new website. Students conducted research, performed website and content design, reported and presented data, made design recommendations, and more.
  3. The partnership/sponsorship research project aimed to review existing programs for best practice to determine how to structure their initiative. In this project, students researched similar programs, analyzed these programs and data, presented findings, and provided recommendations and marketing material to promote and move the initiative forward.
  • Students Project 1: Xiaofan Hu, Xiaomeng Ma, Wen-Li Niu
  • Students Project 2: Fay Alwattari, Claire Freij, Prachi Pate
  • Students Project 3: Virali Dhrangdhariya, Vaibhav Malik, Anthony Noto