Food Innovation Center

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 Food Accelerator Research Project

Marketing-Website Research Project

An Executive Summary Report of Food Industry in New Jersey

  • Students conducted survey of existing US and global food business accelerator programs, determining program structures, successes, and best practices. Then, they created a summary description of what a food business accelerator is. Finally, they analyzed and presented results of survey, including a set of food accelerator models.
  • Students reviewed other food incubator/accelerator websites to collect potentially effective attributes. Then, they recommended how to structure and design elements for a new Food Innovation Center website
  • Students were to identify and survey existing US and global food business incubator, accelerator, partnership, and sponsorship programs to identify how successful programs are structured. Then, they analyzed data to establish program models leading to recommendations on how to structure a successful partnership or sponsorship program. Lastly, they prepared marketing materials to promote this program to potential partners.
  • Mentor: Denise Bartone
  • Students:
    • Chunye Wang
    • Alec Ratyosan, Junchuan Zhang
    • Anish Pandian