New Age Drinks

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Market Research / Packaging Research & Game Design: Healthy Beverage Start-Up

  • Students conducted SWOT analysis, created a business plan, analyzed costs for R&D and production, and performed market research. 
  • Students brainstormed on a new board game and innnovative product/company partnerships.
  • Mentor: Sierra Hooshiari, Abbe Rosenthal
  • Students: Catherine Estelle Nkoutche Matsingang (Lead extern/MBS), WenLi Niu (MBS) Julia Buttgereit (Honor College) 

Social Media Marketing & Analytics Project

  • Students enhanced social media presence and implemented marketing strategy that aligned with the business goals through content creation, improved UXD, SEO, web analytics, and market research.
  • Mentor: Sierra Hooshiari, Abbe Rosenthal
  • Students: Hedy Makris (Lead Extern/ MBS), Cassie Miao (MBS) and Lily Zhang