Robert Wood Johnson Medical School

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Data Visualization & Logistic Regression Modeling of MIMIC ER Data

  • Students first completed CITI training for handling sensitive data, next performed a background literature review to learn about the topic of medical ICU waiting rooms, and finally worked with a medical doctor to come up with a project goal that may be useful to hospital ERs and ICU departments while utilizing data available in the MIMIC database. Students extracted patients’ medical ICU data from a large SQL database. Once the students had the data in a usable form (after extracting and cleaning the data), they performed exploratory data analysis on certain data fields of interest, and finally built a logistic regression model to predict if ICU patients were at risk for mortality.
  • Mentors: Dr. Saqib Baig, Pulmonary & Critical Care Fellow; Dr. Christie Nelson, Assistant Research Professor; and Dr. Karen Bemis, Research Associate
  • Students: Supreet Kaur, Sri Harsha Reddy Devireddy, Karthik Keertipati, Kartheek Reddy Mondeddu and Siddhant Garg