Rutgers Student Affairs

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Residence Hall Demographic Analysis

  • Students conducted a longitudinal trends examination of student demographic characteristics in the residence halls at Rutgers University-New Brunswick and determined whether there are patterns of self-segregation. Students used data analytics skills and tools to analyze a dataset that spanned 8 academic years with information regarding, campus, building, room number, gender, etc.

Collegiate Recreation Participation on Academic Success

  • The goal of this project was to understand the student demographic characteristics of students who utilize the Recreation facilities at Rutgers University-New Brunswick and whether there is a relationship with academic success.  Students used data analytics and visualization to reach this goal.
  • Mentors: Dr. Karen Bemis, Dr. Christie Nelson
  • Students: Arya Mohandas, Ridhi Tatineni, Kartheek Reddy, Karthik Keertipati, Siddhartha Pachhai