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All student communications are usually sent to your Rutgers email address. In order to obtain an email address, please follow the instructions below to setup a NetID.  Once you have obtained your NetID and email, please send us your email address so that we can add it to our database. We also encourage students to begin to plan their course of study - please look at the curriculum online. There are also study plans available on Sakai (please send us your NetIDs to allow us to give you access to this site.)

New Student Information

What is a NetID?

A NetID is a university wide login id used for computer services at Rutgers. To get a NetID please go to .

How do I Register for Classes with an RUID #

  3. Click on WebReg login for Rutgers students OR
  4. Click on to the middle link which states: 
    “Alternatively, Rutgers students may log into WebReg using RUID and PAC.”
  5. In the Personal Access Code (PAC) block type in the month and day of your birthday. (for example May 5th would be 0505)

Please Note: New students may have to call the registrar's office to unblock their account.

* If you are still having trouble, please call the Registar's office: (732)445-7000 ext 0 for the New Brunswick campus and (856) 225-6053 for Camden. Or please visit their website:

How do I get my RU ID Card?

The RUconnection Card is the official photo identification card issued to faculty, staff, students, and guests on all Rutgers University campuses. This unified photo ID card serves as the primary form of identity verification throughout the university. There are various locations on campus where you can get your RU ID Card. Please see

What is a special permission number?

 A special permission number is needed to register for many of the MBS courses and some of the other graduate courses. Each course needs its own special permission number. For business or MBS courses, please contact our office to get a special permission number.

Where can I see the Schedule of Classes?

  1. Go to:
  2. Click on “University Schedule of Classes” (4th link down under Related Links)
  3. On left side in the “or select the schedule you wish to see” select:
    1. Campus location (New Brunswick, Camden, Newark – this is where the class is being offered)
    2. Level of study: Graduate (unless it is a 400 level or lower class, then you would select undergraduate)
    3. Semester Term: Semester you are planning on taking the course
    4. In the section: -Select a Subject Area-
      1. Select 137: Business and Science then click on

Get course Schedule

*Courses will be listed this way:

(Course Index#)
(Title of Course)

Where is the Academic Calendar?

Please click here for the University Academic Calendar which shows semester begin and end day, holidays, etc. Please take special note of the "change in designation of class days".

How can I view of pay my term bill (student accounting)?

Information about  Student Accounting Financial Services is here.

Where is Financial Aid information?

Information about Financial Aid is here.

What about Orientation?

There are a number of different orientation sessions held for new students. There is the PSM orientation held each semester. Please see the PSM events for this schedule.

There is also the Graduate School-New Brunswick, Newark or Camden new student orientations for all graduate students at Rutgers.

For International Students, there is also an international orientation. Please see RGlobal – International Student and Scholar Services website. Please also review the booklet, "Information for New International Students and Scholars" that was included in your admission packet.

Where can I find out about Computing at Rutgers?

Each campus maintains various computing facilities available to students with NetIDs. Please see the Office of Information Technology for general information on computing at Rutgers. Personal computers and software may be purchased at a student discount through the Rutgers University find Tech computer store and Software Portal (some software is free to students). Wireless Networking is available at most campus locations.