Analytics & Data Science (Hybrid/Online)



This concentration is a fully Hybrid-Online version of the traditional Master of Business & Science (MBS) degree with a concentration in Analytics. Classes will be hybrid-online courses. Students are expected to complete the program in about 2 years (see schedule below). There is a 1-week on-campus meeting every year. See below for information and application instructions.

The Master’s of Business and Sciences degree in Analytics prepares students for data-driven decision making. It brings together fields of data management, computer science, statistics, machine learning and data mining. Students will obtain a variety of skills including the ability to analyze large datasets, to develop modeling solutions to support decision making and a good understanding of how data analysis drives business decision making. The curriculum integrates science courses in analytics/data science with courses in business.

If you are interested in an in-person option, please visit our Analytics Discovery Informatics & Data Sciences website.

Employment Opportunities

Opportunities in analytics are plentiful in the tri-state area (New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania). This program prepares students for careers in predictive modeling, business intelligence, analytics, data mining in data-driven industries such as marketing, finance, health care, biotechnology and others. See this 2018 blog about the different options in Analytics and the skills needed to succeed.  See how the skills differ by industry.

Admissions Requirements

A bachelor’s degree in any major with a GPA of at least 3.0 (a B average) and the GRE (see also the admission requirement for the MBS). Students must have at least 1 year of calculus (2 semesters and can be taken anywhere). Those without computing or statistics undergraduate courses may need to take introductory courses which can count towards the degree.  Unsure if you’re a good fit? Set up an appointment with an advisor now or attend one of our online information sessions.


Program Requirements

For the Master of Business & Science (MBS) degree, students take 24 credits in the sciences and 19 credits in business.

I.  Business Courses

A total of 19 credits are required in the business curriculum. Six courses are required - all but one of the courses are for 3 credits each. Descriptions of the required Business Courses can be found here:

Principles of Communication and Professional Development (16:137:502) (3cr)

Principles of Accounting and Finance for Science and Technology (16:137:530) (3cr)

Market Assessment and Analysis for Business and Science - Life Sciences (16:137:507) (3cr)

Ethics in Science and Technology Management (16:137:500) (1cr)

Science and Technology Management Capstone (16:137:600) (3cr)

and 2 business electives - 6 credits (e.g., project management, supply chain, Intellectual property, etc.)

II.  Science Courses

A total of 24 credits are required in the science curriculum. Five courses are required, all of which are for 3 credits each. Descriptions of the required Science Courses can be found here:

Fundamentals of Analytics (16:137:550)  (3cr)

Advanced Analytics and Practicum (16:137:551) (3cr)

Database and Data Warehousing (16:137:603) OR Database Design and Management (17:610:557) (3cr)

Regression Analysis (16:137:602) (3cr)

Intro to Cloud Computing and Big Data (16:137:602:OC) (3cr)

and 3 science electives (9cr)

For those without computing or statistics background, the following can be taken and counted toward the degree:

Basic Statistics (01:960:484)  (3cr)

Python Methodologies for Data Science (16:137:603) (3cr

Concentration Coordinators

This concentration is being coordinated in conjunction with the Rutgers Discovery Institute. While most of the course are in New Brunswick, NJ, some of the courses are also available at the Rutgers Newark and Camden campuses.

Dr. Christie Nelson

-- Unsure if you’re a good fit? Attend one of our online or in-person information sessions or set up an appointment with an advisor.