Drug Discovery & Development (Online)


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Drug Discovery & Development

This concentration is a fully Hybrid-Online version of the traditional Master of Business & Science (MBS) degree with a concentration in Drug Discovery & Development. Classes will be held online. Students are expected to complete the program in about 2 years (see schedule below). See below for information and application instructions.)

The objective of the Master of Business & Science with a concentration in Drug Discovery and Development is to provide broad-based training for students in the areas of Drug Discovery, Drug Development, Regulatory Affairs, and Clinical Trials Management. Students will learn about the pharmaceutical development process and acquire analytical and communication skills suitable for managerial and staff positions in laboratory and clinical research, clinical trials, contract research organizations, federal regulatory agencies – such as the FDA -  and pharmaceutical marketing.

Admissions Requirements

Students must have an undergraduate background in the biological sciences, chemistry, engineering, or a health-related field, or have work experience in one of those fields. Prerequisite coursework must include the following: two semesters of biology; two semesters of chemistry; two semesters of organic chemistry; and one semester of either Molecular Biology or Biochemistry. Students who have taken courses in physiology, genetics or cell biology are preferred.

Program Requirements

For the Master of Business & Science (MBS) degree, students take 24 credits in the sciences and 19 credits in business. In addition, students must attend 12 colloquium events to qualify for graduation. 

Core Courses

I.  Business Courses

A total of 19 credits are required in the business curriculum. Six courses are required - all but one of the courses are for 3 credits each. Descriptions of the required Business Courses can be found here:

Required Business Courses:

Suggested Business Elective:

II.  Science Courses

A total of 24 credits are required in the science curriculum. Five courses are required, all of which are for 3 credits each. Descriptions of the required Science Courses can be found here:

Required Science Courses:

Suggested Science Electives:

Program Timeline

The program starts in the Spring or Fall semester and completes in about 2-3 years according to the following schedule:

Drug Discovery & Development: Example of Online Course Plan (Fall start)

Drug Discovery & Development:  Example of Online Course Plan (Spring start)

Suggested Electives:
Python Methodologies for Data Science (16:137:552)
Fundamentals of Analytics (16:137:550)
Data Analytics for Business Professionals (17:610:561)

Concentration Coordinators

Dr. Beth Ann Murphy
Life Sciences Coordinator

For general questions related to admission into the program, please mail your queries to: psminfo@docs.rutgers.edu

-- Unsure if you’re a good fit? Attend one of our online or in-person information sessions or set up an appointment with an advisor.