BS/MBS 4+1 Program

BS/MBS ("4+1") Program

*This is only available to Rutgers undergraduate students*

Please Note: You can now apply for this program through the Graduate Admissions website. Please go here to apply.

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Are you a Rutgers undergraduate interested in getting a jump start on your graduate education? Do you like Science & Business? Then the BS/MBS 4+1 program is for you!!

The Master of Business & Science is a new Professional Science Master’s degree combining graduate science and business courses.  Students choose a particular science discipline and that is paired with a business curriculum. This exciting new degree combines the best parts of an MS and MBA.

Exceptional Rutgers undergraduate students have the opportunity to enroll in the BS/MBS students to earn both a Bachelor’s degree and the Master’s degree in a shorter period of time and at a lesser cost.

Admission to the BS/MBS program is competitive and open to Rutgers students with a proven ability for academic success.

BS/MBS programs are arrangements whereby undergraduates apply early for master’s degrees and, if admitted, are allowed to take excess credits in their senior year in anticipation of meeting the requirements for the higher degree. (These programs are known as "4+1" programs at Rutgers, however, they may take slightly more than one year. Additionally, the MBS portion can be completed part-time.) 

Students in their junior year who meet the requirements may apply for admission into the MBS degree during the spring semester.

Students must meet the following criteria to be considered:

  • DEADLINE: July 15 th or November 15th
  • Students must apply a year before they graduate. (Most students apply in the spring semester of their junior year **)
  • Maintain a GPA of 3.2 or above in their science major and overall.
  • Submit an essay up to 500 words on their interest in the program and future career plans
  • Complete 90 credits by the end of their sixth semester
  • Submit an official copy of your transcript
  • Choose an MBS concentration and interview with an MBS Program advisor or the Director of the PSM Program.
  • Submit one (1) letter of recommendation from a professor in their major

Please submit your online application and documents to

Students must attain a grade of a B or higher on the graduate courses for them to be credited towards the MBS degree.

Once accepted, students may take up to two (2) ‘graduate-level’ (500 level) courses in each semester of their senior year (4 courses, 12 credits max). Six of these credits (two courses) must be in excess of 120 credits for the student's undergraduate requirement, and these courses will be ‘double counted’ as per the Graduate School ‘Policies’ for Bachelor’s degree and the MBS degree. Another six credits (two graduate courses), if in excess of (120 UG credits + 6 Double Counted Credits), in other words in excess of 126 credits, if applicable, will count towards ‘advanced standing’ in the MBS program (12 credits max). Students must earn a grade of B or better in each of the courses that are being considered. Students are charged the undergraduate tuition rate for graduate courses taken during the fall and spring semesters of their senior year. The PSM program and its designate(s) will decide whether the credits are acceptable or not. For more information please contact the PSM office.

Recommended Business Courses BS/MBS "4+1" Students Should Take
  Fall Semester Spring Semester
Science Courses *Science Elective from Undergrad Major  *Science Elective from Undergrad Major

It is recommended that a student take one course in each semester of their senior year. Attempted course work may depend on the student’s course load.

* Science electives must be at the equivalent "graduate level" (500 and above).

Please Note: 4+1 students are not permitted to take any business courses while undergrad. Upon graduation with their bachelors degree, BS/MBS students are allowed to take business courses the following semester.

** For those who are completing their Junior Year in December, please contact our office for further information.


For more information on the BS/MBS, please contact the PSM Program office: (848) 445-5117