Student Testimonials

The strength of the MBS program is that it is a very practical program that enables me to understand how I can fit into the modern workforce.
 —A Raskin

The Professional Science Master’s Program has really been a Godsend for me. It gave me the opportunity to have my food science degree plus the added advantage of business concepts as well. It has definitely made me a more attractive candidate to companies. I was recently hired and I am certain that having a Master’s in Business and Science was an asset of mine that set me apart from other applicants.
 —A. Melilo

I am now much more comfortable and confident about how to act and react in a business environment especially on interviews, lunch-in and running a meeting, networking -  The MBS program gave me access to a concentrated group of professionals and numerous opportunities to make connections with people working in spaces that interest me.
 —C Pflaum

The Rutgers MBS program brings together students from various concentrations together into classes where the students have to work on independent as well as group projects. The group projects enable inputs from students belonging to diverse science backgrounds and broaden the intellectual reach and knowledge pertaining to projects. These diverse inputs come together and strengthen the team building, communication and interpersonal skills which are imperative in today's competitive work environment.
 —D Swaminarayan

The program is well designed combination degree for Technology Students who lack Business skills. The courses are designed by the real industry people who are out in the field.
 —K Salgarkar

Using instructors from the industries, who have a broad knowledge and experience is helping students to work both independently and in teams. I consider the team building exercise as the most important one for preparing students for the job market.  All the MBS courses have the presentation requirement which help student to communicate effectively.
 —L Namole

The strengths are that many of the classes in the program brings together lecturers - professors as well as professionals in industry.  This mix offers students the best opportunity to learn something and then see how it may actually be applied in real life situations.
 —M Bolognini

The Rutgers MBS program offers a wide range of industry- relevant science concentrations. The curriculum is challenging and provides students with opportunities to learn about topics that will assist them in their careers. There are many science electives to choose from and the business courses equip students with the knowledge and skills needed.
 —Margaret Warren

An excellent mix of Science/Engineering courses with various facets of the Business coursework is the biggest strength of the Rutgers MBS Program.
 —R Yerneni

There is a mindset of entrepreneurship that mimics that of Silicon Valley quite well.
 —Tiffany Tsui