Student Testimonials

Deanna Smith headshot

Personal Care Science

Because of the Rutgers Master of Business and Science program, I understood the value of networking effectively. The unique partnership between the program and NYSCC gave me access to meet professionals from my field and helped me land my current position. The MBS program helped me develop the skills I needed to navigate my career in this highly competitive industry.

 —Deanna Smith, May 2019 Graduate

Jiayi Yuan headshot

Personal Care Science

I started out wanting to be a cosmetic chemist but realized that with the MBS degree, I don’t have to limit myself to the lab. The program gave me strong foundation in cosmetic chemistry but also prepared me to work in sales and marketing in the cosmetic industry. The communications course helped me feel confident and communicate myself better. Because of the supportive staff and faculty at the MBS program, I was able to network with industry professionals, which really helped me understand the industry.

 —Jiayi Yuan, May 2019 Graduate

Ridhi Tatineni headshot


The MBS program helped me build a strong network of students, faculty, and alumni and offered numerous networking events that really helped me understand the industry. The MBS degree checked all the boxes for technical, analytical, and business skills that is absolutely essential to building a strong career in analytics. The courses didn’t just help me build my skills but also helped me communicate myself and build my confidence.

 —Ridhi Tatineni, May 2019 Graduate

Suleiman Ali headshot


Most degrees in UXD are science and technology driven, however the unique aspect of the MBS program is that in addition to the technical skills, we also learn important business skills. To become an effective designer, one needs to know how to design well and how to market it effectively. I would highly recommend the UXD practicum, which gave me the opportunity to design for the real world and work closely with the client, and was an extremely valuable experience.

 —Suleiman Ali, May 2019 Graduate

Zach Levine Headshot

Information Technology/Cybersecurity

The MBS program really helped me leverage my skills as a project manager into IT/cybersecurity. I was able to learn about the industry, network effectively and landed my current position through the program. The Finance & accounting course was particularly helpful in understanding the business side of the industry. The concepts that I learned here were directly applicable at my current job and to my own business.

 —Zach Levine, May 2019 Graduate

Global Agriculture

I’ve always had a passion for the sciences and coming from a hard science background I realized the difficulty as well as the importance of being able to communicate scientific ideas articulately to someone unfamiliar with the topic. The MBS program gave me tools to act as a bridge between both the science and business words at both a local and international level and I was able to engage in projects in Japan, Australia, as well as Ireland. The global nature and professionalism of the program helped open many doors for myself and advanced my professional and academic careers.

 —D. Burke, 2015 Graduate

The strength of the MBS program is that it is a very practical program that enables me to understand how I can fit into the modern workforce.

 —A Raskin

The Professional Science Master’s Program has really been a Godsend for me. It gave me the opportunity to have my food science degree plus the added advantage of business concepts as well. It has definitely made me a more attractive candidate to companies. I was recently hired and I am certain that having a Master’s in Business and Science was an asset of mine that set me apart from other applicants.

 —A. Melilo

I am now much more comfortable and confident about how to act and react in a business environment especially on interviews, lunch-in and running a meeting, networking -  The MBS program gave me access to a concentrated group of professionals and numerous opportunities to make connections with people working in spaces that interest me.

 —C Pflaum

The Rutgers MBS program brings together students from various concentrations together into classes where the students have to work on independent as well as group projects. The group projects enable inputs from students belonging to diverse science backgrounds and broaden the intellectual reach and knowledge pertaining to projects. These diverse inputs come together and strengthen the team building, communication and interpersonal skills which are imperative in today's competitive work environment.

 —D Swaminarayan