PSM On-Campus Externship/Research-Internship Fellowship

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What is this?

A funding assistance program for students who are participating in the MBS Externship program or who are doing an unpaid research project internship or unpaid internship.

The funding is intended to offset the cost of registering for the externship or research-internship courses. The funding comes as a tuition waiver that can be applied to future Rutgers courses after successful completion of either the externship course (16:137:653, 16:137:654, 16:137:655) or the research-internship course (16:137:612). The Externship/Research Fellowship program runs every semester.

Who is eligible to apply?

All current MBS students (including international students) who:

  • Have completed at least 2 semesters in good academic standing 
  • Have NOT received an offer for a fully paid internship or work opportunity 
  • Have registered for either the research-internship (16:137:612) or the externship course (16:137:653, 16:137:654, 16:137:655)
  • Will be registering for at least one Rutgers course in the next (or near future) semester.  Fellowships are issued only as credit against future tuition.

​​Note that the award is conditional upon acceptable performance and professional behavior during the externship.  Awards will be announced after the end-of-semester presentations and can be applied to tuition the following semester (or in the fall semester if the externship was in the spring and no classes are taken over the summer).  NOTE THAT FELLOWSHIPS ARE NOT GUARANTEED: funding is limited and selection is competitive.

How do I apply? 

Follow these steps to apply:

  • Find a project or internship – network with your professors and other industry connections or industry nonprofit associations.
    • Participate in the externship exchange program. Externships run every semester.
    • Or find a Rutgers professor (preferably MBS) or other sponsor (can be an employer who cannot pay salary for an internship) who agrees to sponsor you in an internship that meets the MBS internship guidelines.
  • Get your project approved:  
    • Externships with the Externship Exchange are automatically approved upon assignment to a project by the Externship Exchange Coordinator.  
    • Research-internships need to be pre-approved by the Externship Exchange Coordinator.
    • Internships need be approved through the SPN process
  • Register for the appropriate research-internship/externship course.
  • Complete and submit the form below. 

When is the deadline to apply?

The deadline for submission of fellowship applications is generally about 2 weeks after the ADD/DROP period ends. All research-internship and externship presentations are done at the end of the semester. You will get your grade and the tuition remission after the presentations.

For Externship: ONLY senior extern/project/technical leads who are taking a leadership role in the project and performing well are eligible to apply for summer-based fellowships.

How much am I likely to receive?

Funding amounts vary based on availability. Awards typically range from $500 to $1500 and are processed as a reimbursement of credits applied toward future MBS courses. NOTE THAT FELLOWSHIPS ARE NOT GUARANTEED and the selection process is competitive.

Please note: 

  • The externship/research-internship funding is not available to students who are employed.
  • It is your responsibility to find an externship project or research-internship professor who will sponsor you for the summer in an unpaid position that meets all requirements noted above.
  • Get your research-internship or externship approved following the steps above PRIOR to applying for funding. Approvals should be requested well before the fellowship application deadline
  • You MUST enroll for 1-3 externship/research-internship ((16:137:653, 16:137:654, 16:137:655), 16:137:612) credits in the appropriate semester to qualify for tuition reimbursement in a subsequent semester.
  • FELLOWSHIPS ARE NOT GUARANTEED. Funding is limited and selection is competitive.

If you are interested and meet the eligibility requirements, please fill out the webform below.

Other Fellowship Opportunities:

No experience is not an option.  Today’s world might have the experience but not an income source – what can one do?  Check out these other opportunities for applying for other Fellowships: (this is not meant to be an exhaustive list – do the digital dig and find other opportunities!  Opportunity is everywhere!)

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