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Special Permission Numbers

Special Permission Numbers (SPN's) are sometimes required during registration for a particular course.

Closed Courses

Because of the high demand for many of the MBS courses, many are filled early in the registration period. Students should first attempt to register through the Rutgers Web Registration System. If your desired class is closed, please monitor the schedule of classes to see if it reopens or if an additional section is added. Courses are first-come-first-serve, and there is no waiting list.

Prerequisite Override 

A student who is unable to register for a course because he or she lacks the proper prerequisites should not request a special permission number via the system. Under some circumstances, for example, if the student has taken the appropriate prerequisite course(s) at Rutgers or another institution, but Webreg is not recognizing the course, then the student should contact reqspn@docs.rutgers.edu.

How to obtain an SPN

I am:

an MBS Student

a Non-Degree or Certificate Student

Not an MBS Student

a BS/MBS "4+1" Undergraduate Students