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Summer 2022 New Student Resources


Congratulations on your admission into the Master of Business & Science (MBS) degree for the Summer 2022 semester!

We are a proud partner in the national Professional Science Master’s (PSM) degree movement, and we are excited that you will be part of our innovative, career-driven program.

Admitted! What’s Next?

If you haven’t already done so, accept your offer of admission online:


There is no specific deadline to accept admission. However, we recommend submitting your decision as soon as possible so you have time to prepare and receive additional resources. 

Orientation Packet 

Click here to download the orientation packet. Please read through this carefully as there is an abundance of information and helpful links.

Register for Orientation:

Register for an "Orientation Part 1: Getting Started Webinar". Choose one date below to register-for and attend:

Semester Start Date:

Classes for the Summer 2022 semester begin on May 31, 2022. Registration for Summer 2022 is now open.

For a quick video on how to register for courses, click here.

To view summer session information including important dates/deadlines, click here.

Gaining Access to MBS Student Resources:

To gain access to resources specifically for MBS students including announcements on events, course planners, career guides, graduation, etc., send an email to vpasigos@docs.rutgers.edu with your NETID. You will then be added to our PSM Student Resources site on Canvas.

Academic Advising:

To schedule a 1:1 virtual advising session with your academic advisor as a current student, click here.

Our Academic Advisors hold open advising sessions for students who would like curriculum guidance. Additional sessions will be added.

Special Advising for Rutgers, "4+1" students:

If you are a current Rutgers undergraduate student admitted to the MBS degree for Summer 2022(you are graduating with your BS from RU in May 2022), please attend our Welcome Lunch/Orientation on April 8, 2022. Click here for more information and to register.

Summer 2022 MBS Course Delivery

ONLINE SYNCHRONOUS DELIVERY – Online courses that are delivered and attended in real-time.

ONLINE ASYNCHRONOUS DELIVERY – Courses that consist of pre-created content that the students can consume at the time and rate of their choosing.

ONLINE MIXED DELIVERY – Combination of online synchronous and asynchronous delivery


Stay tuned for our getting started webinar & info session dates! Registration and details to follow.

Meet your Academic Advisors!

headshot of deborah silver headshot of dr beth murphy headshot of dr christie nelson
Dr. Deborah Silver
Engineering Concentrations
Dr. Beth Murphy
Drug Discovery & Development/
Personal Care Science
Dr. Christie Nelson
Analytics & Cybersecurity
headshot of dr karen bemis headshot of dr rupa misra headshot of dr paul takhistov
Dr. Karen Bemis
Dr. Rupa Misra
UXD, IT & Social Media
Dr. Paul Takhistov
Food Science/
Global Food Technology & Innovation
headshot of dr hae gea headshot of dr mark robson

headshot of Dr. Paul Meers

Dr. Hae Chang Gea
Engineering Concentrations
Dr. Mark Robson
Global Agriculture/Sustainability
Dr. Paul Meers
Biotechnology and Genomics