User Experience Design (UXD) Student Portfolios / Featured Work

User Experience Design (UXD) I: Introduction to User Experience Design

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“Cause Hero” - Mobile app designed for the United Nations. From sketch to prototype in one week.
Designed by students: Pooja Gurudatt, Suleiman Ali Shakir, Pavan Purohit, Arya Mohandas

User Experience Design (UXD) III: Visual Design for UXD

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Visual Design Poster
by Stanley Su

Mailbox Font Study
by Roy Chao

Visual Design Poster
by Chirag Arora

User Experience Design (UXD) II: Contextual Inquiry

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User Journey for Rutgers Public Transportation
by Mary Leriche & Julie Park

Personas for a Rutgers Website redesign
by Malvi Shah

List of Student Portfolios


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Roy Chao -   

Suleiman Ali Shakir -