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This course is especially tailored for non-programmers. The field of ML and AI has impacted every market and every facet of learning, and has become an essential tool in every engineer and scientist’s toolkit.  

In this course, you will gain both a conceptual foundation of AI-ML and the practical ability to apply those concepts in carefully curated lab workshops. You will gain deeper insight into the various algorithms, their tunable parameters, and their application in real-world scenarios from business and science. You will bring to this course a business mindset to follow a strategy that creates value, as well as the curiosity and experimentative mindset of a data scientist.  

Upon completion of this course, you will be able to describe when each algorithm should be used to achieve a business or a scientific goal. You will also be given the opportunity to experiment with these algorithms in a lab environment without the need to explicitly program using a traditional programming language, while understanding the art and rigor of tuning the parameters and gaining insights on problem-solving and obtaining desired outcomes.