Spring 2024

Welcome to a new semester and a new year! We are pleased to have seen rapid growth within our program. This semester, our 730+ enrolled students are taught by professional faculty. Our alumni network comprises 1270+ professionals, with a staggering 98% employment rate. We are a family like no other!

There are many new and exciting changes in the Professional Science Master's program. The workforce is changing, and we are dedicated to providing students with cutting-edge education and extensive opportunities for professional growth. As part of this mission, we’ve introduced a number of new courses, some of which I am highlighting here. The first is a topic on everyone’s mind – AI. We have had an AI course for many years as part of the Analytics concentration (AI from Concept to Market). It was created by Prof. Richard Mammone, one of the only professors at Rutgers who was both a professor in the Engineering School and Business School. Just recently, we created a new course, Basics of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, which teaches students who do not have a technical background the basics of AI, but still includes some programming and hands-on exercises. We like to think of this course as “AI for the rest of us.” Another new course, New Technologies in Personal Care Science, delves into recent advancements in the personal care category with a focus on new technologies affecting the cosmetic industry. The course will focus on the five main topics of skincare, haircare, the microbiome, naturals, and the role of artificial intelligence in personal care.

Additionally, we have launched a retreat for our signature Capstone course. Led by course instructor Dr. Tom Bryant, Capstone students have the option to gather at the Rutgers University Inn and Conference Center for a weekend of learning, bonding, and adventures around New Jersey. This is an opportunity for our online and in-person students to get together and we are excited about offering this new type of opportunity.

After the phenomenal success of our mixer between our students and members of our Industrial Advisory board in the fall, we look forward to more to come in the spring!

It is with great pleasure that we announce the addition of new members to our faculty team: Dr. Jay Goldring and Lars Sorensen. Dr. Goldring has over 25 years of experience in quality, regulatory affairs, and safety roles in the pharmaceutical, cosmetic, food, and consumer product industries. Sorensen, the popular instructor of our course Python Methodologies for Data Science, brings exceptional teaching skills and extensive knowledge of computer science from his time spent working in industry. We are excited to see what lies ahead.

It will be a pleasure to hold a celebration for the class of 2024 in May. I wish you all a wonderful semester ahead!

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Deborah Silver, Executive Director, Rutgers Professional Science Master's Program

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