Master of Business and Science (MBS) degree 

The Master of Business & Science (MBS) degree combines a traditional, science-based master’s curriculum with comprehensive business instruction and professional education. Choose a concentration under one of our three science tracks, below. 


Engineering Management



  • Engineering Management
    • Quality and Reliability Engineering
    • Product and Packaging Engineering
    • Pharmaceutical Engineering
    • Informatics and Data Engineering
    • or an Interdisciplinary pathway

Other Options

The Professional Science Master's Program is proud to offer other options for students not looking for a master's degree.

Continuing Education


Courses can be taken singularly for professional development, or multiple may be applied towards a future master’s degree. An undergraduate degree is required for all courses. 

Rutgers "4+1" BS/MBS


Exceptional Rutgers undergraduate students have the opportunity to enroll in the "4+1" MBS degree as a “BS/MBS" student, which will allow them to complete both degrees in a shorter amount of time and at a lower cost than to complete them separately.

Certificate Programs


Certificate programs that can be completed in a shorter period of time than the the MBS degree.