Executive coaching is a valuable resource available to all students, from orientation to graduation and beyond.

The Rutgers Master of Business Science (MBS) degree is distinguished not only by its cutting-edge, innovative curricula by its focus on academic-career alignment and professional and leadership development through executive coaching.

Working within a “Designing Your Life (DYL)” framework, certified executive coaches and students collaboratively develop specific steps and actionable plans to define career goals, achieve work-life balance, and chart a path to success both at MBS and beyond.

Through one-on-one coaching and specialized workshops, students learn to make stronger pitches, network online, make their resumes and professional profiles outstanding in today’s virtual, digital age.

Our Executive Coaches

Executive coaches provide both students and alumni with the tools, resources, and opportunities to become and remain innovators and leaders—working collaboratively to create and refine Individual Development Plans (IDP) that outline personal and professional goals.

Kathleen Cashman-Walter, MBA, PCC

Abbe Rosenthal, MA, PCC, DYL Coach

Alycia John, MA, ACC

Jack Levitt, MBA

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