According to’s recent report, a record $533 billion U.S. dollars was spent on mobile across app stores and advertising in 2023, and the number is expected to grow. This booming market provides opportunities across various industries, making mobile app development a valuable skill for job-seekers. 

The Professional Science Master’s (PSM) program wants to showcase our course Mobile App Development from Concept to Market. This boot camp-style class equips students with the skills needed to succeed in today's mobile-centric world. 

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Course instructor Brett Fielo

About the Instructor 

This course is led by adjunct instructor Brett Fielo, a seasoned expert in digital advertising and marketing and a partner at shyft digital. He has been teaching at the PSM program since its inception and instructs courses at the Rutgers School of Communication and Information. Fielo uses his extensive experience to keep the course up to date with the market’s rapid growth. 

An Inside Look 

Mobile App Development from Concept to Market offers students a deep dive into the mobile app development process. This course is open to students of all technical backgrounds. Students examine the entire lifecycle of app creation, from market research to concept ideation and prototype development.  

The class has been taught for many years. For the fall 2023 class, Fielo decided to run his course a little differently. Typically, students come up with their own ideas for mobile apps. They recognize a need and, through discussion with teammates, concept an app around it. This time, Fielo invited industry stakeholders into the classroom to introduce recognized problems in their areas. 

“Students have taken those ideas, evolved them, and come up with their own unique spin about the front end of the problem,” said Fielo. This exposure allows students to interact with experienced experts, ask questions, and gain real-world perspectives.  

At the end of the class, students presented their prototypes to the stakeholders. 

“[For students], hearing a real idea that is not their own can be a unique challenge itself,” said Fielo. Through this method, the course offers experiential practice similar to a professional setting. 

“It’s a practical approach for the class to collaborate with professionals that have tremendous experience and expertise in the field,” said Fielo. 

Working in groups, students develop a deep understanding of collaborating within cross-functional teams and learn from different perspectives.  

“In the workforce, employees are no longer working in silos,” Fielo emphasized. 

This class is not just for developers, said Fielo: It's for students who want to see ideas come to life and enjoy collaborating in a group environment.  

If you are interested in this course, it will run again in fall 2024. To learn more, check out our course description page.  

Author(s): My Le Published on: 04/16/2024
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