In the ever-evolving landscape of business and science, the Professional Science Master’s program encourages our students to become lifelong learners. As part of this mission, we provide our students and alumni with opportunities for networking and professional development. Recently, we invited members of our Industrial Advisory Board (IAB) to learn alongside MBS students, alumni, staff, and faculty.  

Woman with microphone speaking
Professor Cashman addresses the room.

Our IAB comprises over 30 industry leaders—almost half of whom are MBS alumni—who use their expertise to help us shape our curriculum and keep our programming and initiatives cutting-edge. 

MBS executive coach and instructor of our course Principles of Communication and Leadership Kathleen Cashman chose a special topic for the night. After hearing from students about the stress of juggling the number of things we have to remember on a daily basis, Cashman invited someone who could give students tips: memory expert Matt Goerke.  

Goerke is one of America’s leading experts in the field of Memory Development, and he’s the developer of the “Memory Switch Program.”  

Man in suit addressing room
Matt Goerke leads group.

The Benefits of Good Memory 

Memory is a powerful tool, said Goerke. Not only does good memory and recall help students succeed in the classroom, but it also has countless applications in the workforce—from using it to give stellar presentations to remembering the names and faces of others in your professional network.  

Goerke demonstrated his powerful recall abilities by perfectly reciting a list of random words contributed by the crowd. But this isn’t magic, he insisted—it's a trainable skill. And throughout the night, Goerke walked attendees through exercises to help them improve their memory and understand how maintaining a good memory can help achieve personal and professional goals. 

Train Your Mind 

Goerke started the night with a startling statistic: 85% of people will forget a person’s name within the first two minutes of meeting. However, remembering a person’s name and details about their life will produce a solid first-impression and help you stand out—demonstrating that you care.  

Goerke gave students tips on how to remember names and walked attendees through additional exercises. Before long, every single attendee was able to recall a list of seemingly random words, showing immense improvement in memory. 

Join Us Next Time 

At the end of the night, Cashman reminded students: they’re here to become memorable. An MBS education is a valuable tool for students to use as they become lifelong learners—and a sharp memory will be an enormous asset.  

Attendees then had a chance to practice Goerke’s memory techniques by mingling with each other and the IAB board! 

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Author(s): Julianna Rossano Published on: 03/21/2024
Tags: industrial advisory board, experiential learning, Live Event