Food and Business Innovation (16:137:575, 3 cr)

This course is designed for basic understanding of the business innovation strategies, practices and new product development process in the commercial food industry. During this course, learners will examine the process and challenges of research and development of innovative food products and identify the importance of food product development. Learners will learn how to successfully initiate, organize and carry out a product development process to be prepared better for real world challenges.

Fundamentals of Intellectual Property (16:137:501, 3 cr)

This course provides essential knowledge in Intellectual Property (IP) for learners who are driven to succeed in inventions or are interested in IP strategies or patent related professions. This course covers the basic and practical aspects of intellectual property with an emphasis on innovation and entrepreneurship, patent creation process, patent classification, and patent portfolio strategic management.

Design Innovation (16:137:529, 3 cr)

This course examines the theory and practice of promoting and managing design thinking and lean startup methodologies to drive innovation in the sciences and technology. The course explores successful use of best practice frameworks for the design of business and product strategies, funding and resourcing techniques, business models, risk / reward trade-offs, go-to-market strategies and reducing the barriers for introducing commercially successful, break-through products and services. The course will place particular emphasis on the importance and role of continuous experimentation and learning from failure, as well as provide access to a portfolio of tools that can help an organization decide whether, or not, to continue with a specific development process. Students learn theories and practices for innovation, tools and methods for design inquiry, and characteristics of “design attitude.” Through this deeply experiential course, learners will have the opportunity to create a digital prototype.

Chemistry of Food and Natural Products (16:137:578, 3 cr)

This course is intended to provide learners with basic chemistry knowledge of the chemistry of food and personal care products and constituents. Learners will focus on connecting chemistry with the function, quality, and stability of food and personal care products, as well as associated health benefits and regulatory issues. Completion of the course will enable individuals to pursue careers in food industry and / or personal care product development and applications.

This course is designed to teach the basic chemistry of food and personal care products, which includes the chemistry of macronutrients (protein, fat, carbohydrates), micronutrients (vitamins, minerals), soap, lotions, creams, and etc. The knowledge will be useful for the product development, quality control, regulation, and marketing of food and personal care products.


Colloids and Interface Science (11:400:612, 3 cr, advanced)

This course deals with the fundamental principles of colloid and interface science. Learners will take a look at how many food products are formulated as disperse systems such as suspensions, emulsions, microemulsions, gels and so on. A general introduction will be given to illustrate the importance of interface phenomena at nanoscale and their role in new drug delivery systems development. This course will look at the attractive and repulsive forces involved, the various classes of surfactants and their solution properties and on suspensions, emulsions and foams. Learners will be able to apply the methods of investigating the stability/instability of dispersions.

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