The Certificate in Science and Technology Management is available to students who are already pursuing a Master's or PhD program and other qualified students interested in taking the business component of the MBS degree. Students pursuing their Master's or PhD must have their advisor fill out the Graduate Advisor Form and submit it along with their application. This is a 19 credit certificate with courses in Finance & Accounting, Marketing, Communications, two electives, and a capstone course. Additionally, students must attend colloquia over the course of their studies (6 in total).

Please Note: Interested students must apply before registering for classes.

This program allows students:

  • To understand the connection between technology and business and how technical work impacts the business of organizations
  • To understand the fundamental concepts of marketing, business strategy, innovation and entrepreneurship
  • To understand the basic concepts of financial management and able to assess the financial aspects of a new scientific venture or project and make recommendations for investments and payback
  • To learn the basics of management of science & technological projects and programs
  • To acquire and develop leadership skills of inspiring, motivating, directing and coaching individuals and teams
  • To develop good oral and written communications skills
  • To understand the core elements required to design and operate an effective, science-driven organization and how to diagnose and solve organizational problems
  • To master the core elements of a business plan and be able to demonstrate this using a real technology

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The required courses for the Certificate in Science & Technology Management for Camden are listed below:

Business - Camden

Course Title Comments
Finance & Accounting (3 credits)
53:135:500 Managerial Economics (3) STUDENT MUST
53:390:506 Financial Management (3) PICK ONE OF TWO
Marketing (3 credits)
53:630:508 Marketing Management (3) Mandatory for all students
Communication & Leadership (3 credits)
53:135:503 Personal Leadership and Communication Skills (3) Mandatory for all students
Managment of Science & Technology (3 credits)
53:620:513 Operations Management (3) Mandatory for all students
General Management Electives (3 credits)
  MBS Business Curriculum Student selects 1 course
Ethics & Professionalism (1 Credit)
16:137:500* Ethics for Science & Technology Management (1) Mandatory for all students
16:137:503 Colloquium in Professionalism for Science & Technology Management (0) Mandatory for all students


The capstone course is a project-based course covering the fundamentals of entrepreneurship, intrapreneurship, innovation commercialization, and intellectual property. Students are expected to work on team projects analyzing technology innovations and creating business plans. At least 3 of the core classes must be completed before the capstone course.

16:137:600* Science & Technology Management Capstone (3) Mandatory for all students

* Please Note: These courses may need to be taken in New Brunswick. A full list of courses for the New Brunswick campus can be found at here.

Please see our apply now page for more information on how to apply to the program.

For questions, please contact:

Barbara Verchot