Colloquium Attendance

Due to concerns regarding COVID-19, we're working on moving all our on-campus colloquium events to an online format. Please check our events page as we continue to update it with upcoming events. For more Rutgers official information on COVID-19, please see the university-wide information page here

Colloquium [either 16:137:503(0) or 16:137:504(1)] is a graduation requirement for ALL students in the Professional Science Master’s Program that are pursuing the MBS degree or the Certificates.

To graduate with the MBS degree, you must have attended a minimum of 12 events while those pursuing the Certificates must have attended a minimum of 6 events.

  1. Degree students can attend 3 (out of the 12) external events. Students pursuing a Certificate program can attend up to 2 external events out of the required 6 events. The external events must be related to your field of study
  2. Degree students must attend 9 PSM program sponsored (internal) events. Certificate students must attend at least 4 PSM program sponsored (internal) events
  3. Internal events include PSM Program events, SAMBS events, and anything the PSM Program or SAMBS sponsors or co-sponsors. Anything that doesn’t fall in the aforementioned category is considered an external event.
  4. Students need to have proof of attendance for all events attended
    1. Attendance is recorded by the PSM Program at internal events
    2. Please provide proof of attendance for external events by either emailing a copy of your registration, a picture of your nametag, yourself, or the speaker at the event, or anything else you can provide as proof of attendance. Send proof of attendance to
  5. You must register for the appropriate course (503/504) in the LAST semester of study in the PSM program, however you must start attending the events from the day you begin your studies in the program (we do not recommend attending 12 events in your final semester)
  6. PSM sponsored events (internal) including new student orientation, distinguished lecture series, panels, networking events, workshops, career lunches, innovation and discovery events, holiday party are eligible for colloquium credits. We list a number of events on our website with information on whether or not you can claim colloquium credits for them.
  7. Please keep a record of your individual attendance at these events using the Colloquium Count Form
  8. Please email to:
    1. Update us with the events that you have attended to help us keep track of your colloquium credits
    2. Provide us with proof of attendance at external colloquium-eligible events
    3. If you have additional questions