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Greetings, MBS Community and Friends!

Welcome to the spring semester at Rutgers Professional Science Master’s program (PSM)! We are very excited to build on the fantastic momentum of the fall semester while also looking back with pride on year 2020—a year that not only marked the tenth anniversary of our program, but which was a year of significant growth, innovation, and great program expansion. It was also a year of significant disruption in every sense of the word.

On March 13, 2020, MBS students departed for Spring Break…and returned ten days later to an entirely new, universitywide, 100 percent-remote educational model.

In the ten months since that time, the resourcefulness, cooperation, and hard work of our faculty, staff, students, and industry partners, our program has not merely weathered a global health crisis—it has thrived. We welcomed our largest-ever incoming class in fall 2020, and officially doubled our student enrollment this spring—remaining one of the largest, most competitive, and most diverse STEM-based master’s programs in the nation, with 25 student-centric interdisciplinary and professional science curricula in the life sciences, in engineering and in computer & information sciences.

Through experiential learning, rigorous coursework, strong academic advising, and personal and professional development opportunities, Rutgers PSM graduates are poised to respond to rapid workforce changes with agility, facility, and precision. They are trained to adapt quickly, pivot when necessary, and work efficiently and capably with individuals representing a variety of disciplines, industries, and backgrounds.

That said, for as difficult as the COVID-19 era has been, there is one silver lining: there could not possibly have been a more immersive, effective experiential learning process than the many, many “we’ve-never-encountered-this-before-but-we-need-to-figure-this-out” situations that arose as a result of COVID-19— situations that required all of us to employ the very same on-the-fly thinking skills, creative problem-solving, and collaborative work style that we strive for all students to hone (and hopefully master) throughout their MBS education.

New initiatives include “designing your life” (DYL) advising with our Executive Coaching Team as well as an expanded number of experiential learning opportunities that allow participants to gain real-world work experience with prestigious industry partners representing nearly every conceivable employment sector. As always, we offer a wealth of industry-specific seminars and panel presentations that allow students to network with industry leaders, and, in maintaining awareness of the holistic needs of our students, we continue to offer seminars that address wellness and resilience in addition to business and science—seminars and workshops that have been exceptionally well-received.

We are especially grateful to our enthusiastic, supportive, and engaged alumni who—through seminars, panels, Q&As and other events—have volunteered their time while expanding the number of opportunities and channels through which current MBS students can network and connect. Best of all, after significant legwork this fall, there is an official MBS student-alumni mentoring program.

As higher education enters into a new, uncharted era, Rutgers PSM has the advantage of being part of a university that is a research powerhouse and a premier academic health center. Our expert instructors are leaders in industry, and our graduate faculty come from a rich cross-section of Rutgers’ departments and schools via the graduate programs on all three university campuses—The School of Graduate Studies–New Brunswick; Rutgers Graduate School–Newark, and Rutgers Graduate School–Camden—and we are fortunate to have a dean’s advisory committee as well as an industrial advisory board.

All of us at PSM are excited and proud to be part of our growing program and look forward to enhancing existing initiatives, implementing new programs, and propelling the program ever forward.

As always, as we enter a new semester, I’m excited to see what new strides our program will make, and what amazing things our students will do.


Deborah Silver, Executive Director, Rutgers Professional Science Master's Program

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