Taking Courses as a Non-Degree Student

In some situations, students may be eligible to take courses as a non-degree or non-matriculated student. Only certain courses are open to non-matriculated students, so please check with our office.

To register, you must still apply for non-degree status. The application is through the Graduate Studies portal. The following items apply:

  • Official transcripts are required
  • Personal Statement is required
  • Resume is required
  • Test scores (GRE, TOEFL) and letters of recommendation are NOT REQUIRED

Transcripts are needed to demonstrate that you have taken the pre-requisites (at Rutgers or elsewhere) for any courses for which you wish to register. When your application has been approved, we will provide you with special permission numbers or pre-requisite overrides for course registration, a process with which our office can provide assistance; in addition, you may need to contact a course instructor directly for permission to register for his or her course. Even if you are interested in taking just one course, you must apply as a non-degree. You must have an RUID in order to register for courses.

Please go here for instructions on how to apply as a non-degree student.

There is a limit on the number of credits you can take as a non-degree student which can later be redesignated for degree credits. NOD students can take a maximum of 12 credits in a NOD capacity (only science courses, not business courses). Once you've reached the limit of credits, you must apply to the MBS Degree. Requirements: 2 letters of recommendation, official transcripts, and a personal statement.

Students enrolled in another department who wish to enroll in the Certificate in Science & Technology Management, will have to first apply to the program and be accepted. They will be coded under the department they are studying as a graduate student and later have (885 Certificate in Science & Technology Management) added to their transcripts.