Drug Discovery & Development

Student Testimonial

"The Rutgers MBS program provides the skills and training necessary for students to gain an understanding of the business world in relation to science concentration and helps to develop the skills necessary to align the scientific function to the business needs." 
C Tara Severino, MBS Spring 2016



"The course curriculum makes learning very enjoyable.The course projects require working in teams and learning how to work with others with different professional backgrounds and levels of experience." 
C Siddhartha Alla, MBS Spring 2015


"The university has the ability to attract people renowned in their field to present the most current and up to date information. [This] information is not accessible in any book. This allows you to make key contacts within the field you are studying." 
C Amelia Petry, MBS Spring 2014



Master of Business & Science Degree with a concentration in Drug Discovery & Development (Pharmaceutical Development), Rutgers University, New Brunswick, NJ

The objective of the Master of Business & Science with a concentration in Drug Discovery &  Development (Pharmaceutical Development) is to provide broad-based training for students in the areas of Drug Development, Regulatory Affairs, and Clinical Trials Management and Drug Discovery. Students will learn about the pharmaceutical development process and acquire analytical and communication skills suitable for managerial and staff positions in laboratory and clinical research, clinical trials, contract research organizations, federal regulatory agencies – such as the FDA - and pharmaceutical marketing.

Students who apply to the In-Person concentration can take both in-class and online courses​.

Employment Opportunities

Students with an MBS in Pharmaceutical Development may find work in pharmaceutical companies, biomedical companies, technology/consulting companies that work in the healthcare arena, and government. Please visit here for sample jobs.

Also please see our blog post on emerging opportunities in the area of Biologics: https://mbs.rutgers.edu/articles/update-biologics#

Admissions Requirements

Admission Requirements: Students must have an undergraduate background in the biological sciences, chemistry, engineering, or a health related field. Work experience (1-2 years) in the pharmaceutical or biotech industry is preferred. Prerequisite coursework must include the following: two semesters of biology; two semesters of chemistry; two semesters of organic chemistry; and courses/background in physiology, genetics, cell biology, molecular biology and biochemistry. Those candidates that have most but not all of the required courses/background may be able to take some of the prerequisite courses as part of the MBS degree (e.g., 16:115:512 and 16:148:514 for those without cell biology and biochemistry). In addition, the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) is required of all foreign applicants whose native language is not English unless an undergraduate degree was received in the USA.

Alternate Path for MBS degree in Drug Discovery and Development:

For only those with 5+ years’ experience in the field. Must be proficient in biology, chemistry, organic chemistry and must have a background in physiology, genetics, cell biology, molecular biology and biochemistry: Apply for the Certificate in Pharmaceuticals and Clinical Trials Management. (If Grades/GPA B+ or higher in the certificate, then may apply for MBS degree. Contact PSM office for more information.

Executive Option:

A number of our concentrations are geared towards professionals who have experience in their respective fields but are interested in enhancing their scientific and business knowledge. Many courses in these concentrations are either online or exec-style (concentrated curriculum). Please contact our office for more information.

Program Requirements

For the Master of Business & Science (MBS) degree, students take 24 credits in the sciences and 19 credits in business. In addition, students must attend 12 colloquium events to qualify for graduation. 

I.  Business Courses

A total of 19 credits are required in the business curriculum. Six courses are required - all but one of the courses are for 3 credits each. Descriptions of the required Business Courses can be found here:

and one business elective (e.g., Project Management; BioPharma Innovation; Organizational Behavior) (3cr)

II.  Science Courses

A total of 24 credits are required in the science curriculum. Five courses are required, all of which are for 3 credits each. Descriptions of some of the required Science Courses can be found here:

All students are required to take the following two courses:

Choose 3 courses from the following list:

Note: 6 credits (3 Science/3 Business) can be earned in an Internship.

Concentration Coordinators

Dr. Beth Ann Murphy
Life Sciences Coordinator

For general Questions related to admission into the program, please mail your queries to: psminfo@docs.rutgers.edu

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