Course Number
To be eligible for this course, students must have successfully completed 16:137:502, 16:137:507, 16:137:530
Semesters(s) Offered

This project-based course covers the fundamentals of entrepreneurship, intrapreneurship, innovation commercialization, and intellectual property—tying together all academic and business knowledge and skills obtained throughout the process of earning the Master of Business and Science (MBS) degree. Buttressed by an early semester 2-day workshop on the Rutgers Campus, work in teams to analyze technology innovations and create business cases/plans, which will be presented at the end of the semester.

Course Objectives

Learning objectives for this course run from generic language proficiency through the confirmation of basic business and economic concepts and their applications, the development of personal values and philosophies, to very specific knowledge about the processes by which scientific discoveries become widely used technologies.

Since we expect students to have better access to corporate and institutional models of these latter processes, this course emphasizes the entrepreneurial version of the technology commercialization economy. That said, a lot of major companies try to drive their innovation processes to be more entrepreneurial (or “intrapreneurial”). They live or die on the basis of their ability to innovate, and people who understand this set of processes are in great demand all over the world.


Course Testimonials

"I believe that I am learning about the most in the Capstone course which brings together everything taught in the business and science courses. Since it is a group project-based course where we are required to create a business plan from technology, it is the direct application of all that we have learned in the business courses. In addition to that, it helps us understand what things to consider when starting a business - how to create a business model, select markets, how to determine valuation and growth strategies, exit plan and much more. Along with the requirements of the course, I am learning a lot by media monitoring, and gaining new insights every week through insightful class discussions." (May 2019)