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In this project-based course, engage in applied research to explore the application of environmentally responsible supply chain principles including designing supply chain management and procurement schemes which address environmental, social, and ethical considerations in organizational policy development as well as the procurement process. Research themes may include the public and private supply chain management and procurement process, green purchasing process, contract design, procurement which promotes low carbon emission considerations and zero waste (avoidance and minimization), social and economic regeneration, civic infrastructure policy, e-procurement applications, and cost-cutting measures derived from life cycling costing modeling. Examine environmental management from a supply chain management perspective through different experiences.

Course Objectives

Course Objectives:

  • Develop the first comprehensive supply chain materials climate impact database.
  • Participate in an individual green product research project as well as a class client research project.
  • Examine various government, corporate, and global environmental and sustainable development issues and how they can be integrated into strategic procurement and supply chain management models.
  • Contribute to our African Sustainable Development; Mandela Washington Fellowship; Corporation project.
  • Develop world-class systems-thinking skills needed to examine and develop complex procurement, strategic sourcing, and supply chain management systems tools for corporate or organization resource and risk assessment planning and reporting.
  • Enhance knowledge and skill in the use of LCA/C, ROI, NPV, CSR, negotiation, and related strategic sourcing tools.
  • Develop a sustainability business plan.
  • Obtain a Green Supply Chain-Procurement professional certification.