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Learn about recent developments in biotechnology and genomics with a particular emphasis on technologies that promise to have a transformative effect on science, human health, and the environment through specific applications in medicine, agriculture, microbiology, and the environmental sciences. The course combines formal presentations with group-learning projects, as well as site visits, guest lecturers from industry, business, and academia, and—ultimately—group presentations.

Course Objectives

On completion of this course students will have acquired a basic understanding of science and business important to the biotechnology industry and to related industries that make use of genomic technologies, i.e.,

  1. A comprehensive overview of the major innovations in biotechnology and genomics;
  2. An understanding of existing and potential applications of these technologies, including the limitations and advantages of competing approaches;
  3. An understanding of the problems and opportunities associated with scale-up and deployment of genome-wide approaches;
  4. The ability to work in teams to identify potential new applications of biotechnology and genomics;
  5. An understanding of the economic, social and ethical constraints that application of these technologies but also spur innovation;
  6. The necessary written and oral communications skills needed to work within a team and communicate the team project objectives and plan to the rest of the class.


Course Testimonials

"Dr. Lawton and Dr. Meers, who are the main professors and advisors for the Biotech and Genomics concentration, were extremely knowledgeable of the history and current events in the life science field. I felt that their courses were very fair and manageable for students who put the time in to do the weekly readings and assignments. The structure of their courses gave students the opportunity to showcase their knowledge through research papers, exams and presentations. Learning was mainly facilitated through presentations given by the professors and guest lecturers and open discussion about various papers on technologies we were assigned to read. I really liked the guest lecturers who would come in and give us a presentation on a particular technology that they used to solve a problem in industry. I still remember being astounded by one of the guest lectures who discussed how he was using RNAi with us. Additionally, Dr. Lawton and Dr. Meers procured the opportunity for all of us to take a field trip to the commercialization center for innovative technologies and tour one of the startup companies there, Visikol. Seeing a Rutgers startup was very inspiring and I would recommend that all students try to attend a tour of CCIT if they can fit it into their schedule." (Jan 2019)