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Transfer Credits

Transfer Credits, Dual Credits, and Course Waivers

This page contains important information for applicants who are seeking to transfer course credits from another university, have courses credited to more than one Rutgers degree program, or seeking a waiver of an MBS course requirement.

Transfer Credit

A Master of Business and Science degree applicant can apply to transfer up to 12 credits for graduate courses completed at another accredited university, with a grade of B or better, provided they are equivalent to the corresponding courses in the MBS degree program, and credits for such courses were not used to earn an undergraduate degree. Acceptance for credit towards the MBS degree is subject to approval by the PSM Program Director and is not automatic. (Please note, we do not accept transfer credits from many international universities.) It is not necessary to wait until 12 credits have been completed in the MBS program before requesting a transfer credit evaluation.

Please complete the Graduate School-New Brunswick Transfer of Credit Form and consult their general rules for the transfer of credit, as well as the rules for the transfer of credit for doctoral candidates for complete details.

Students may request an evaluation of the courses they wish to transfer by the MBS Program Director after they have registered for at least one course in our program by submitting the following to the PSM Program Administrative Assistant: 

  • A completed Transfer Credit Form with:
  • A detailed syllabus and primary textbook information for each course to be evaluated

Dual Credit

A student who has completed Rutgers MBS courses while attending courses for a second Rutgers graduate degree or enrolled as a non-degree graduate student may apply to count up to 12 credits for those graduate courses completed in the second-degree program or in the non-degree student, with a grade B or higher, towards the MBS degree. Acceptance is subject to approval by the PSM Program Director and is not automatic. For students who have completed courses as non-degree students, credit transfer will only be considered after the student has completed at least 12 credits as an MBS degree candidate.

The 12-Credit Limit

Completion of the MBS degree will require at least 18 additional credits beyond the limit of 12 transfer credits, applied to courses completed at Rutgers in a second graduate degree program or as a non-degree graduate student or accepted for transfer credit from another accredited university. 

Course Waivers

If a student has completed more than 12 credits worth of courses in another degree program prior to beginning the program, please contact a PSM Advisor for more information. Click here to make an appointment with one of our advisors.