Transfer Credit Policy (Supplement to SGS Policy 1.5: “Credit Transfer”)

Intent of Policy Supplement: to clarify the criteria for academic credit earned elsewhere, that may be transferred and counted toward the MBS degree earned from another institution.

Students may transfer up to 12 credits and apply them toward their MBS degree provided that: 

  1. The student is in good academic standing. 
  2. The student has earned at least 9 credits as an enrolled MBS student.  
  3. The credits are: 
    1. US Academic credit equivalent (i.e., foreign institutions require a WES). 
    2. Must be earned in coursework relevant to the academic area of study.  
    3. Must be a letter grade of B or better (Pass/Fail and Satisfactory/Unsatisfactory grades are not accepted). 
  4. Less than six years old. 
  5. From an accredited graduate school. 

An official transcript must be included if the transferring institution is not Rutgers. Have E-transcripts sent to

Go to the Transfer Credit form link on the MBS website. Follow the instructions on how to access and fill out the form.  Send the completed form to

Students can check the status of their transfer credit request by checking their transcript online.