UXD Practicum


Course Description:

The course covers a large project. Students complete their electronic portfolio as part of this practicum.

Topics Outline for the course:

The class is divided into three stages:

1. Insight

Students will learn about the client’s product, business, industry, competitors, and current situation. They will focus on one aspect of the business the client has identified. They will synthesize what they learned and think critically and creatively about how to improve the situation. They will design activities to accomplish the project. This stage will end with a conversation with the client in which they will present recommendations and receive feedback and guidance from the client.

2. Research & Design

In this stage students will design & test prototypes. The goal is to understand why proposed solution did or did not work and what this means for the client. The stage will end with a written summary of what they learned.

3. Presentation

This stage focuses on designing the business aspects of the solution. Students will also design the output of the client engagement and present it in conversation with the client.

Course Objectives:

 The practicum is designed to help students:

  • Apply classroom knowledge in a real-world setting;
  • Experience the nature of User Experience Design work;
  • Carry out a project useful to an organization or group;
  • Develop and refine professional UXD skills;
  • Gain confidence, competence, and satisfaction in completing projects;
  • Develop insight into personal skills and attributes;
  • Learn additional skills necessary to working as a team;
  • Meet regularly with a qualified instructors who are themselves practicing UX designers;
  • Obtain job references from industry professionals.