At the Professional Science Master’s program, we provide opportunities for students and alumni to come together to share insights, learn, and forge lasting connections. One of the communities that the MBS has been fostering is Applied Food Science and Technology and Global Agriculture.

On March 20th, PSM Executive Coach and Assistant Director Abbe Rosenthal, MA, PCC, DYL Certified Coach, hosted a Virtual Sip and Share session, welcoming current MBS students and alumni who are interested in the food industry to connect. The evening kicked off with students sharing their goals and expectations, setting the stage for a night full of networking opportunities.

Students were then divided into breakout rooms, allowing them to connect in a smaller and more casual setting.

As discussions unfolded, students shared their journey with the MBS, with many expressing appreciation for our Externship Exchange Program as one of their favorite resources offered by the program to gain practical skills. In this program, students gain hands-on work experience by completing projects under the guidance of external mentors. Additionally, students also opened up about their challenges, finding comfort and advice in the shared experience of their peers.

After each breakout session, students took turns sharing their thoughts with Rosenthal. One topic was discussed by both current students and alumni: how MBS has evolved over time. They all agreed on the benefits of our popular course, Principles of Communication and Leadership, which helped them grow personally and professionally during and after their time with the Professional Science Master’s program.

Rosenthal also highlighted the program’s growth with additional resources available to students, including our Executive Coaching and Alumni-Student Mentoring program.

One alumna found it intriguing to discover mutual connections with other students during their group discussion, realizing everyone is just “one degree of connection away from each other.”

Students also expressed their appreciation for our concentration-specific networking events. You can check out our Movie Night: Cyber Takeover, an event that gave students in our cybersecurity concentration a chance to connect and learn more about the world of cyber warfare.

Rosenthal ended the night by encouraging students and alumni to connect on LinkedIn to maintain the connection beyond the event. Make sure you join the MBS student LinkedIn group and connect with us!

To find more events like this one, visit our events page. You can also follow us on X (Twitter), LinkedIn, Facebook, and Instagram.  

Author(s): My Le Published on: 03/31/2024
Tags: Networking, food science, Virtual Event