Remember this? Nicole Shanahan, who has just been named running mate to Robert F. Kennedy Jr. in the 2024 election, visited Rutgers University in the summer of 2022 to speak to students in the Master of Business and Science (MBS) course Fundamentals of Intellectual Property. She gave students a guest lecture entitled “Shifting Narratives with Technology” before engaging in a fireside chat with course instructor DJ Nag.

man and woman sitting on stage
DJ Nag, left, and Nicole Shanahan, right.

Shanahan is a California-based attorney and philanthropist. She is also the founder of Bia-Echo, a private foundation that aims to invest in changemakers at the forefront of innovation, and ClearAccessIP, a patent management company. With years of experience in investments and patents, Shanahan shared insights with Dr. Nag on artificial intelligence and IP ownership.

The MBS course Fundamentals of Intellectual Property is essential for students who wish to pursue invention or work in IP-related industries. It’s applicable to students of many backgrounds, drawing them from across concentrations. In this course, students learn the fundamentals of IP with a major emphasis on IP strategies. This course exemplifies our program’s commitment to building entrepreneurship and innovation into our program. The course includes an optional field trip to the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) in Alexandria, Virginia. During this trip, students learned about the trademark process firsthand from USPTO professionals.

At MSB, we place immense value on learning from experts. Many of our courses invite professionals from industry to speak to students about timely topics and share their perspectives. This allows students to learn from experts with first-hand experience and to expand their professional networks. In the summer of 2023, MBS students in the Fundamentals of IP course were treated to a lecture by Leann Pinto, CEO of IPwe.

This course will run again in summer 2024. To learn more, visit our website's Fundamentals of IP course page.

See a recording of the event below. Check out all videos from the event on YouTube.

Author(s): Julianna Rossano Published on: 03/28/2024
Tags: news, intellectual property, Fundamentals of Intellectual Property, MBS News