EMPLOYERS: If you are interested in posting internships or other forms of engagement with MBS see this page:


All MBS students have the opportunity to earn up to 3 credits (Note: an additional three credits can sometimes be added with your advisor’s permission) for participating in supervised work-based learning activities with an employer or with a professor on-campus AND completing the requirements of the on-line internship course. The course is meant to be completed alongside your internship. You can start work before you enroll in the course(for domestic students ONLY, international students Check with your RGlobal advisor on enrollment requirments), but you must enroll by at least the halfway point. Students cannot enroll in the internship course after they have completed - or mostly completed - their work experience.  
NOTE: For-credit internships are not required to graduate from MBS, but it is one way to satisfy the program’s relevant work experience graduation requirement. 
International students:
International students who do not have prior U.S. work experience in their concentration are expected to work around 25 hours per week (approximately 400 hours per semester) in an internship. (NOTE: exceptions for shorter internships can be made with your advisor’s permission and an additional assignment). Please note that if you work off-campus, you must qualify for Curricular Practical Training (CPT) and be enrolled for at least one credit for each semester you work. See:

NOTE: Due to our program’s work experience requirement, MBS students are eligible to do full-time CPT (up to 40 hours) during the Spring, Fall, and Summer semesters.

Instructions for Internship Approval & Registration

STEP 1: Determine if you qualify for an MBS internship

  • You have successfully completed 2 full semesters** of full-time graduate course work before the internship is to begin.
    • **This applies to international students, other students may pursue internships at any time.**
    • **Students on academic probation are not eligible for an internship. Applications for internships will be deferred until students are in good standing.**
  • The work is related to your concentration, educational in nature, and consistent with the goals and educational mission of the MBS program. 
  • The internship is approximately 400 hours over one semester. (NOTE: exceptions for shorter internships can be made with your advisor’s permission and an additional assignment.)
  • You have not already completed - or nearly completed - the work experience for which you are seeking credit. (Remember, you earn credit not for the work experience, but for the coursework, which is designed to be done alongside the work!)
  • NOTE: An internship can be done with your current employer if your duties are different from your daily work responsibilities.
  • NOTE: ANY job or volunteer experience that meets the above requirements can be structured as an internship in the MBS program. It does not need to be labeled “internship” by the employer.

STEP 2: Find an internship

  • Look for internships and jobs that can be structured as internships through Rutgers Handshake NOTE: All currently enrolled students have an account set up for them by University Career Services)
  • Ensure you have uploaded your resume and opted-in to the “Resume Book” feature, which lets employers see your resume
  • Check other on-line job and internship search engines (See various pages on the PSM Resources Sakai site for more resources)
  • Network! (Attend industry meetups and events, build your LinkedIn profile, come to MBS career panels and University Career Services events and workshops)
  • Attend the PSM Career Lunches/ Resume Reviews – bring a copy of your resume and several job ads.

STEP 3: Complete the Internship application form

  • Get the form signed by your supervisor (required)
  • Ensure ALL sections are complete (including goals, dates, and hours)
  • Include the formal internship responsibilities - attach to form. These are the requirements for the internship, what you will be held accountable to produce. 

STEP 4: Obtain a signed offer letter from your supervisor or HR (Should include duties, rate of pay, hours and dates of internship and the contact information of your internship supervisor - email is key. Information is needed for internship approval form completion.)

STEP 5: FOR INTERNATIONAL STUDENTS ONLY: If you obtain an off-campus internship (paid or unpaid), you must complete the CPT form  in addition to steps 3 & 4

  • Fill in your name, major (concentration), and date of graduation
  • Complete the bottom section AND #1, #3, &#4, and will complete the rest and have it signed.
  • Submit the signed form to your international student advisor at RGlobal
  • NOTE: International students must complete a CPT form for each semester they wish to enroll in the internship course. You MUST also be enrolled for at least 1 credit for each semester you work off-campus. (So, if you get an internship that starts in June and ends in November, you must complete a CPT form and enroll for at least 1 credit in one of the Summer Sessions (I, II, or III) AND complete a new CPT form and enroll for at least 1 credit in the Fall semester.)

STEP 6: Submit the documents (Offer letter, internship form, job duties, and CPT, if needed) to the PSM program for approval. Please scan or take a GOOD picture with your phone, and email them to

  • AFTER these documents are submitted and approved, you will receive a special permission number to register for the course.


STEP 7: With your special permission number, register for one of the internship courses: 16:137:608 (Fall), 609 (Spring), 610 (Summer).

  • You may select 1-3 credits per course, per semester when you register (NOTE: MBS students typically earn up to three credits total for internships – sometimes spread across several semesters if you work for a year or more. In special circumstances approved by your advisor, you can take up to six credits total. Credits are awarded for the work you do in the course, not for the number of hours you work at an internship.)
  • We ask that you make sure your picture is added to your Rutgers Profile page - since this course is virtual interaction, it gives the facilitator, Professor Cashman, the opportunity for name and face recognition.
  • NOTE: Students who obtain an internship in an academic lab on campus AND who want their internship to count as science credits, can enroll in the Research Internship course. You can request this when you submit your documents to PSM.

STEP 8: Complete ALL requirements for the on-line internship course

  • When you enroll, you will be added to the Sakai site for the course, which includes all of the course requirements. These include, but are not limited to:
    • Uploading your internship form, job responsibilities listing, a goals statement, and a resume to Sakai
    • Completing monthly reports on your internship progress
    • Completing two surveys each semester and ensuring that your supervisor completes two surveys, as well
    • Develop and deliver a final presentation (If your internship spans multiple semesters, this task can be deferred to your last semester, but you must complete all other requirements each semester.)
    • Other tasks, as assigned.
  • You are also expected to respond in a timely manner to the professor running the course.
  • Remember, you are earning credit for your coursework, NOT for the work you are doing with the employer.


STEP 9: Inform your MBS academic advisor whether you would like the internship to count toward your business or science credits.

Funding for Unpaid Summer Internships 

The PSM program has some limited funding for tuition reimbursement to help support students who have not been able to find a paid internship opportunity AND who have not yet completed their work requirement for graduation. To apply, go here: On-Campus Internships

Please note: 

- This funding is available for Summer unpaid internships only
- You must show the steps you have taken to find a paid internship, be in good standing, and express financial need. 
- It is your responsibility to find a professor or other employer who will sponsor you for the summer in an unpaid position (Most students work with a professor in a lab) that meets all of the internship requirements noted above. 
- Get your internship approved following the steps above PRIOR to applying for funding (The deadline is May 1, 2017 for Summer 2017 internships)
- You MUST enroll for 1-3 credits in one of the Summer semesters to qualify for tuition reimbursement. 


Currently active MBS Students can watch a recorded webinar explaining how to get involved in the MBS internship program. To access this, along with many other resources to help you find an internship and/or a job, please log into your PSM Resources Sakai page. The Internship webinar is located under "workshop resources". Also check out the "Job Portal" section for other resources to support your job search and career development.