What to know beforehand:

Your NetID and Password

Which classes you need to take

How to Register for Courses:

For a visual representation of this process -- please watch the video above.

  1. Access the online Web Registration System, also known as “WebReg.”
  2. Click on Login for Rutgers Students. Enter Net ID & Net ID password.
  3. Select the appropriate semester, locations, and study level:
    • To have the full selection of available MBS courses, select the first 3 location options.
  4. Then click 'Continue.'
  5. Now you may search for the course by Subject or Keyword:
    • The course subject number for MBS courses is 137.
    • If searching by keyword, you can easily paste the course number or name and find your desired course.
  6. Once you have found your course, click on "Register".
  7. You will then be brought to a verification page to verify registration -- click "I Agree & Add Courses".
  8. Once you have completed these steps, courses added to your schedule should appear on the right side of the WebReg screen.
  9. Some courses need a Special Permission Number (SPN). If a course you registered for needs an SPN, you will be notified here.
    • A special permission number is needed to register for some MBS courses and other graduate courses.
    • There are different special permission request forms depending on student or class type. See here for more information.