Horticulture & Turfgrass Science


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The Master of Business & Science with a concentration in Horticulture & Turfgrass Science prepares students to work in fields where an applied knowledge of horticulture is needed. The concentration is designed to prepare students to work as private consultants or to be directly hired by institutions to design, manage, and provide direct services related to horticulture.  

Employment Opportunities

Students with an MBS in Horticulture & Turfgrass Science can haves careers in agriculture, landscape, nurseries, green industry, biotechnology, managerial positions in commercial horticulture, turf management (sports turf management) as well as horticulture management for parks and gardens. Additionally, there are positions related to health and wellness including horticultural therapy, medicinal plants and neutraceuticals.

Admissions Requirements

Undergraduate degree requirements include a degree in biological sciences or human science area (social work, psychology or related fields). General Biology (1 year), General Chemistry (1 year), and Plant Science/Botany (1 semester).

Program Requirements

For the Master of Business & Science (MBS) degree, students take 8 courses (24 credits) in the sciences and 19 credits in business. In addition, students must attend 12 colloquium events to qualify for graduation.  The business requirements include courses in finance & accounting, marketing, communication & leadership, capstone, ethics and electives. The business curriculum is listed here. The science courses for the Horticulture and Turfgrass Science concentration are given below.

I.  Business Courses

A total of 19 credits are required in the business curriculum. Six courses are required - all but one of the courses are for 3 credits each. Descriptions of the required Business Courses can be found here:

and 2 business electives (e.g., Project Management, Supply Chain, Intellectual Property, et al.) (6cr)

II.  Science Courses

The Horticulture & Turfgrass Science concentration consists of 4 required core courses and 4 electives. Within this concentration, there are a number of sub concentrations available to prepare students for specific careers. These subconcentrations include: (1) General Horticulture Science (2) Turf Grass Management (3) Horticultural Therapy. 

Core Courses – (4 Core Courses are required)

Choose 3 core courses from the following list of courses:

  • 11:776:440  Soil Fertility (3) or 11:776:404 Soil Management for Sports Fields and Landscapes (3)
  • 11:776:439 Nursery Crop Production (3) or 11:776:406 Plant Breeding (3)
  • 16:765:502  Advanced Plant Physiology (3)
  • 16:765:522. Applied Plant Science Statistics  (3) (Fall)
  • 16:765:536  Plant Disease Clinic (3) or 16:765:531 Principles of Plant Pathology (3)
  • 16:765:699  Plant Biology Graduate: Non-thesis Study (3)  (Internship) (Fall and Spring)

The following course is mandatory for all (to be taken after completion of the 3 core courses listed above).

Core Course Descriptions

Concentration Coordinators

Dr. Jim White
(848) 932-6286

Dr. Beth Ann Murphy
Life Sciences Coordinator

The MBS (Master of Business & Science) is a Professional Science Master's Degree combining graduate  science courses (MS level) in a particular concentration with courses in business. 

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