User Experience Design (UXD)


Design Future Experiences

The User Experience Design Concentration (UXD) trains students in the essential skills needed to design and develop engaging, easily learned, accessible and usable interfaces and interactions, from web sites and mobile apps to new products that blend the web with physical forms. User Experience and Interaction Design have become rooted in many industries, from cars to travel, as new services and products are developed to respond to technical and social innovation. Students learn up-to-date methods and practices involved in gathering user information, creative designing, interface prototyping and evaluating a wide range of interactive media.

The program will provide students with a basic understanding of design methods and principles (drawing from human computer interaction, interaction design); the psychology, communication and sociological theories that guides design; plus training in implementing designs (using visual design and programming).

Find Your Design Identity

Portfolio preparation is a key element of the program as are current interface design techniques such as generating personas, working in agile environments, information architecture, card sorting, online usability testing, eyetracking and workflow analysis. Students will leave the program with a body of work that is often required to become a user experience designer. View samples of our students’ work.​

“Cause Hero” - Mobile app designed for the United Nations in “Intro to UXD”. From sketch to prototype in one week. Designed by students: Pooja Gurudatt, Suleiman Ali Shakir, Pavan Purohit, Arya Mohandas


Flexible Core Curriculum

Whether you want to be in the program for part-time or full-time, our flexible core works for either student type. Just like any successful project accounts for multiple persona, our program works to suit your needs.

New: At its fastest pace, the UXD Concentration can be completed in 2 years. This was made possible by a new UXD - X initiative, wherein we vet new courses to substitute our existing core, until they eventually become a permanent integration. This allows our program to remain adaptive to both student and market needs.

(Summer or Fall option)

(Summer or Winter option)

UXD - 3

Visual Design
16:137:533 (3)


Information Architecture for UXD
16:137:533 (3)

UXD - 5

UXD Practicum
16:137:603/536 (3)


UXD - 2

Contextual Inquiry
16:137:533 (3)

UXD - 4

Usability Evaluation
16:137:535 (3)


Acquire *Real* Professional Experience

User Experience Design(UXD) Practicum

The User Experience Design Practicum is a Summer long opportunity for students to work with a client on a real-world design challenge, creating actionable insights that can be applied to their business.

Past clients include: Educational Testing ServicesemaginePOS, and The Edison Papers Project.

Admissions Requirements

Students must demonstrate prior experience in Information Technology and proficiency in using computers. Students must have had the equivalent of an introduction to information technology course as an undergraduate, with a minimum of 3.0 GPA. Without this background, students are required to take the following prerequisite courses: 17:610:550 Introduction to Information Technology, or the equivalent. Students with graphic design, visual arts, English, and communications are welcome to apply. The General GRE is required for admission.

A number of our concentrations are geared towards professionals who have experience in their respective fields but are interested in enhancing

Program Requirements

For the Master of Business & Science (MBS) degree, students take 8 courses (24 credits) in the sciences and 19 credits in business.

Business Courses (19 credits): The business requirements include courses in finance & accounting, marketing, communication & leadership, capstone, ethics and electives.

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Concentration Coordinators

AJ Polanco

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