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Semesters(s) Offered

Gain real, hands-on work experience at some of the world’s leading corporations while also receiving specialized instruction on topics including leadership, teamwork, problem-solving, and giving effective presentations. Under the guidance of an MBS academic advisor and an industry professional, work on a corporate-sponsored small project in teams ranging from two to nine students. Attend a classroom component to develop soft skills such as time management, teamwork, data presentations, verbal communication, conflict management, and leadership. Present your work at end-of-semester lightning talks

Course Objectives

By the end of this course, be able to

  • Use a variety of methodologies, tools, and resources that support your concentration/major, related area, or a business area
  • Obtain experience working on a multi-disciplinary team on a real-world project with a large corporation, mid-sized company, start-up, non-profit, government agency, or academic unit
  • Apply skills learned from a variety of experts in the areas of project management, visual design, problem-solving, etc.
  • Obtain experience working on a project with an organization in an industry or, organization or government agency, and within a collaborative environment
  • Develop successful habits of reflective learning which would help professional growth after graduation
  • Hone soft skills in the Externship Experience Labs focused on team development, leadership styles, project management, research/design, and data presentation skills
  • Acquire an understanding of organizational professionalism and behavioral expectations
  • Produce professional-level reports, presentations, dashboards, and other documentation
  • Utilize experiential learning tools to achieve professional and personal goals


Course Testimonials

"Outside of the academic coursework, the externships have been extremely helpful in preparing me for real-life practical scenarios in the analytics/data science space. The externships have been the most important conduit of bringing together both the business and science aspects of this program. Consulting for external (as well as internal) stakeholders on data science problems provides the perfect platform for transitioning ones skills to an employer. (Jan 2019)Thank you for running such a fantastic program this summer- I was actually able to secure a fall internship through my externship!" (C. Shin)