Topics in Management (16:137:650/651/652)

This course shell allows students in the MBS program to take courses offered by other departments, such as MiniMBA, Food Science, or Online Training courses (Center for Continuing Professional Development, CCPD) for 3 credits. To obtain credit, most courses will require an additional assessment portion if not included in the course.

If you are not an MBS student, you can register for these courses via the department websites listed to the right.

Registration Instructions (Steps 1-5 apply for MiniMBA, CCPD, and Food Science short courses)

  1. Identify the course you'd like to attend through the course descriptions listed to the right or below.
  2. Fill out the Special Topics form and submit it to Debbie Sclafani 
  3. Once your form has been received and processed you will receive a special permission number.
  4. Use your special permission number to register for these courses on WebReg.
  5. Register for the correct section of 16:137:650, 651, or 652 Topics in Management. You will select either 650, 651, or 652 depending on the term.
  6. IMPORTANT: DO NOT sign up directly on the MiniMBA website until you have approval and an SPN from the MBS office.
  7. If you are signing up for a MiniMBA course, please visit the MiniMBA website and complete registration for the course you'd like to take. In the comments section of the registration form, please indicate that you are an MBS student.
  8. IMPORTANT: Once you have successfully registered with the mini-MBA department you will receive a confirmation email as well as payment information. Please disregard the payment information portion. If you are registered on Webreg, you do not need to pay the mini-MBA department.
  9. All in class programs listed below are limited to 5 MBS students per program.
  10. Course offerings may be subject to change by the MiniMBA department depending on enrollment and student demand.  Stay tuned for updates.

Important Notes

If you are in your last semester and register for a CCPD or MiniMBA course, it must be completed when final grades for that term are due so it does not delay your graduation. If you are not sure of this deadline date, please contact

MiniMBA Courses-available for MBS students in the Fall and Spring semesters.

Because the MiniMBA courses run on condensed schedules, it is imperative that you attend all scheduled classes as course work cannot be made up online. Failure to attend each class will hinder your grade and may result in failing the course. Note:  Effective April 2016, students can register for one MiniMBA course during the MBS program.



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