Business Courses

A total of 19 credits are required in the business curriculum. Six courses are required - all but one of the courses are for 3 credits each.

Science Courses

The Actuarial and Statistical Analysis concentration consists of 5 required courses and 3 electives. Students completing this core curriculum must pass the P and one other exam for graduation. Students will also be eligible to take the FM, the M and the C exams. Students who have passed one or more of these exams, or who have had some of these courses undergraduate can substitute electives.

There are five core courses.

I. Take one basic probability course from the following list:

  • 01:640:478 Probability II (3cr)
  • 16:960:580 Basic Probability (3cr)
  • 16:960:582 Introduction to Methods and Theory of Probability (3cr)
  • 56:645:582 Probability and Actuarial Mathematics (3cr)

Note: After completion of this course 'P' exam can be taken.
Important: Completion of the 'P' exam is a graduation requirement for the MBS degree. Students are strongly urged to take this exam as soon as they can.

(Students can take II or III independently and in any order.)

II. 16:137:601 Special Topics in FM (3cr)

Note: After completion of the above course 'FM' exam can be taken.

III. 16:960:542 Life Data Analysis (3cr)

     56:645:569 Actuarial Models (3cr)

Note: After completion of the above course 'C' exam can be taken.

(Materials are not totally covered)

IV. 16:960:563 Regression Analysis (3cr)

      56:645:567 Statistical Models (3cr)

V. 16:960:565 Applied Time Series Analysis (3cr) or 16:540:530 Forecasting and Time Series Analysis (3cr)

     56:645:565 Time Series & Forecasting (3cr)

Note: After completion of IV and V, VEE credit for Applied Statistics can be earned.

To obtain VEE credit for Applied Statistics, you must pass two SOA, CAS, or CIA actuarial exams before applying to have your VEE credit added to your record. 

To learn more about getting your VEE credit, follow this link:

Three(3) more courses are required which can be taken from a list of courses in Statistics, Economics and Finance.

Degree Requirements

In addition to 19 credits of business courses and 24 credits of science courses, all MBS concentrations require additional degree requirements. See here for the full list of degree requirements.

If you have questions about the program curriculum, please contact the concentration coordinator(s) or request an appointment with an advisor.