Academic Requirements

  1. Students are required to complete a minimum of 43 credits*
    • Twenty-four (24) are science credits that align with their chosen concentration.
    • Nineteen (19) are business credits of which thirteen (13) are accrued by completing core business courses.
  2. The overall GPA must be > 3.0**
  3. No more than 9 credits of C or C+ may be used to meet degree requirements.***

Colloquia Requirement

  1. Students must attend 12 colloquia.
    • Students can attend colloquia over the time they are completing their academic degree requirements.
    • Students must enroll in Colloquium in Professionalism for Science & Technology Management (16:137:503 or 16:137:504) in their last semester.

Work Requirement

  1. Students must demonstrate the equivalent of 1-year of relevant work experience.
  2. The work experience may be accrued prior to starting the MBS degree program or simultaneous to completing the academic degree requirements.
  3. Scenarios that constitute one year of relevant work experience include:
    • One year of work in a relevant field in a professional position.
    • 2 semesters of an internship. ****
    • For circumstances where it is not possible for the student to meet #1 or #2 a combination of externship and internship may be used with the approval of the Academic Officer.

Graduation Checklist

Upon applying to graduate from the MBS degree program, upload each of the components of the Graduation Checklist on Canvas.

*Students may take more than the minimum 43 credits and there are no restrictions on choices of courses taken in excess of degree requirements.
**School of Graduate Studies Policies and Procedures Section 1.3.1
***School of Graduate Studies Policies and Procedures Section 1.3.1
****Students have the option of registering for up to 6 credits of Internship to fulfill this requirement.

Program Outcomes and Learning Goals:

Please see here for a statement of learning goals and assessment.