Global Agriculture


The Master of Business and Science degree with a concentration in Global Agriculture is designed to prepare students to work in and manage the global green industry.  The objectives of the concentration are:
1.  Provide students with knowledge of the international agricultural industry;
2.  Provide students with knowledge of fundamentals in agricultural industry production and management;
3.  Provide students with a background in environmental conservation and the role agricultural enterprises play in maintaining a healthy global environment.   

The green industry is increasingly international. Crops and other agricultural products available in the U.S. are frequently produced in other countries. Use of crops in the developed world to produce fuels to run automobiles in the developed world can have ramifications elsewhere in elevating prices that result in starvation of many. This program is designed to provide the foundation of agriculture, plant pathology, environmental sustainability and crop management.  

Related Concentrations: Sustainability , Horticulture Science & Applications

Employment Opportunities

Agriculture industry, Biotech industry.

Admissions Requirements

It is recommended that students have a Bachelor’s degree in a science field. The department requires the Graduate Record Examination (Verbal, Quantitative and Analytical/Writing Assessment) for admission. The department strongly recommends that interested students have these courses fulfilled: General Biology with laboratory (2 terms required – one year); General Chemistry with laboratory (2 terms required – one year); two courses in Math (Statistics and Calculus). In certain cases, course requirements can be modified or waived. Please note that the entire application is considered as a whole and a deficiency in a component does not mean an automatic rejection. Decisions are based upon the overall quality and merit of the entire application. Students concerned about their preparation should contact the concentration coordinator.

Course Descriptions

Program Requirements

For the Master of Business & Science (MBS) degree, students take 8 courses (24 credits) in the sciences and 19 credits in business. In addition, students must attend 12 colloquium events to qualify for graduation. The business requirements include courses in finance & accounting, marketing, communication & leadership, capstone, ethics and electives. The business curriculum is listed here. The science courses for the International Agriculture concentration are given below.

I.  Business Courses

A total of 19 credits are required in the business curriculum. Six courses are required - all but one of the courses are for 3 credits each. Descriptions of the required Business Courses can be found here:

and 2 business electives (e.g., Project Management, Supply Chain, Intellectual Property, et al.) (6cr)

II.  Science Courses

The International Agriculture concentration has 4 required core courses and 4 electives. Electives can be chosen from a number of graduate programs and can be discussed with your concentration coordinator.

Core Courses:

(Choose 4/5 Courses)

  • 16:137:576 Concepts in Global Agriculture(3) (Fall)
  • 16:395:502 International Agricultural Development (3) (Fall)
  • 11:015:440 Agro Ecology (3) 
  • 16:765:531 Principles of Plant Pathology (3) (Fall)
  • 16:375:534 (F) Environmental Sustainability (3) 
  • 01:960:XXX Statistics**

**If Statistics was not taken as an Undergraduate Student , must be taken as a Graduate Student.

Concentration Coordinators

Dr. Mark Robson
(848) 932-6276

Dr. Jim White
(848) 932-6286

Dr. Rong Di

Dr. Beth Ann Murphy
Life Sciences Coordinator

The MBS (Master of Business & Science) is a Professional Science Master's Degree combining graduate science courses (MS level) in a particular concentration with courses in business. 

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