In the modern workforce, the demand for skills is ever-changing. Whether you’re a current student, a recent graduate, or an alumni, keeping up with the latest trends in the workforce is vital. That’s why the Professional Science Master’s program strives to help our students become lifelong learners. 

LinkedIn recently released the top 10 in-demand skills for 2024. In a transformative landscape, LinkedIn emphasizes the need for workers to adapt, upskill, and re-skill—and the PSM program will give you the tools to do so. Additionally, the online learning platform Coursera released its 2024 Job Skills Report, providing a look inside the skills that are gaining popularity in the workforce. The report notes the rise of students seeking skills in leadership, cybersecurity, and artificial intelligence (AI) topics. MBS has you covered—read on to learn more about the courses we offer in these areas.  

Here are the top skills employers look for in 2024 and which MBS courses you can take to acquire them.  

Top Skills for 2024 

  1. Digital Literacy 

All of our courses utilize the latest in technology. For those that want to learn more about programming and Data – take:  

  1. Data Analysis 

We offer a variety of data courses. To see more courses, look at our concentration page for Analytics: Discovery Informatics & Data Sciences

*Coursera also lists Linux as a fast-growing skill. We offer the course Linux System Administration 

  1. AI and Machine Learning 
  1. Programming and Coding 
  1. Cybersecurity/System Security 

To see more cybersecurity courses, check out our Cybersecurity concentration

  1. Project Management 
  1. Adaptability and Flexibility 

The MBS degree gives our students the tools to become lifelong learners—the key to being adaptable and flexible in the workforce. Students are handed these tools right at the start of their MBS journey through Odyssey plans. MBS Executive Coach and Assistant Director Abbe Rosenthal also hosts a number of professional development workshops, where she gives tips on how to level up your LinkedIn profile, present a personal pitch, and more.   

  1. Emotional Intelligence 
  1. Critical Thinking/Creativity and Innovation 

All our classes allow students to practice their critical thinking, creativity, and innovation. Design thinking is woven into the fabric of our degree. 

Here are additional skills of importance noted by Coursera's report:

  1. Media Strategy and Planning 
  1. Customer Success 

Coursera notes that the top fastest-growing business skills of the year are marketing and customer experience! In addition to our Market Assessment and Analysis course, check out our course Introduction to User Experience Design and Introduction to Product Design and Development.  

Skill Trends for 2024 

In addition to LinkedIn’s top skills, here are some of the skills trends that Coursera identified in their report.  

  • Leadership skills for supporting teams through organizational change are a growing priority. 

Our signature course, Principles of Leadership and Communication, helps students become—and remain—leaders. Additionally, all MBS students can meet with our certified executive coaches for professional and leadership development.  

  • The fastest-growing skills are business skills. 

Students in the Master of Business and Science Degree take five core business courses. All of our courses combine elements of business and science. You can also choose from a selection of business electives.  

  • Skills for understanding and communicating data continue to be among the fastest-growing. 

Our Analytics: Discovery Informatics & Data Sciences concentration equips students with the knowledge, skills, and tools to understand and direct data-driven decisions. Students choose from five pathways in different areas. Check out Business Intelligence with Visual Analytics, Database and Data Warehousing, and Fundamentals of Analytics and Discovery Informatics. 

  • Demand for web development and computing skills remains high. 

The MBS degree offers concentrations in Computer and Information Sciences, including User Experience Design, Product Design, and Information Technology. Check out our courses Introduction to Cloud & Big Data Systems, Mobile App Development From Concept to Market, Special Topics: Information Architecture, Enterprise Software Architecture, and more. 

To cover all your bases, read more about top tech skills in demand.  

Author(s): Julianna Rossano Published on: 03/19/2024
Tags: top skills, modern workforce, labor blog, skills for resume