The online certificate program provides an advanced-level knowledge of manufacturing, regulations, innovation, and best practices in the Food Industry

The Global Food Certificate Program is a fully online program that provides food industry professionals with the opportunity to acquire the most critical skills and knowledge in the areas of food product design, data science, food production and regulations. In this program, you can specialize in one focused area that will enhance your knowledge and skills in the area of interest with the ability to choose courses that may best fit your desired skills and learning growth. Each course module has been specifically created for the needs and skills professionals want to develop their knowledge in. This Certificate Program in Global Food is continuously looking ahead to the trends and needs being found in the Food Industry, which will be applied in all courses.

About Enrollment

To give continued learning access, individuals have the option to choose which certificate program best fits your professional development. In some cases, learners may choose to switch out a course in the specific program interested in to better fit the needs and development required.

This is a 3-4 course program, which each module has specific graduate level courses included in the program fit to accomplish the desired learning goals to that specific certificate. Learners will be able to engage with fellow industry personal as well as learning from top instructors and industry experts. Learners will both have the academic development and understanding desired and a well-rounded certificate program that understands the needs for practical application to the learner. The Global Food Certificate Continuing Education Program is continuously looking ahead to the trends and needs being found in the Food Science Industry, which will be applied in all courses and certificate programs listed. After completion of the chosen Certificate Program, learners will receive a certificate of completion and digital badge.

We offer two options of this unique certificate program:

Professional Development Certificate with continuous education credits that will help you to meet your professional development goals.

Participants in the program will be able to earn Continuing Education Credits (CEC), a Certificate of Completion and Digital badge.

Professional Development Certificate with academic credits that can be transferred towards graduate degree.

Participants in the program will be able to earn Rutgers University graduate-level credits with the official Academic Transcript, a Certificate of Completion and Digital badge. For those interested in this option, please see here for more information.

    Application to the Certificate Programs

    Requirements for Student Qualifications

    • Applicants should have a foundational knowledge (academic or experiential) of chosen program.
    • An undergraduate degree is required. Preferably in the Food Science field or other relevant disciplines. Food Industry work is highly recommended.

    To apply to a Food Science Certificate Program, select the specific program and click the "Apply Now" button on that page.

    Course Cost

    The Professional Development Certificate Programs is a non-credit Continuing Education Credits (CEC) and cannot be transferred. All fees are included in this program. The Professional Development Certificate Program WITH the option to transfer credit, earns learners academic graduate-level credits. Fees are not included in the cost. For more information on cost/fees please see here. Please contact us if you are interested the Certificate Program with Credits.

    Certificate Program Credit Amount Continuing Education Credits Transferrable Academic Credits
    9 Credit Certificate Program $7,200 $8,100
    12 Credit Certificate Program $9,600 $10,800

    Why a Rutgers Global Food Continuing Education Certificate?

    A Rutgers Global Food Continuing Education Certificate is the only program fully online that provides the opportunity to take graduate-level courses providing cutting-edge knowledge and creating a clear pathway to the professional graduate degree.

    Immediate ROI

    Gain advanced skills and real world applications that can be used immediately in the workplace

    Professional Instructors

    Learn from recognized and advanced leaders in the field, including Rutgers faculty and industry professionals

    Better Job Opportunities

    Employment of Food Scientists and Technologists is expected to grow 16% in the next decade

    For questions, please contact:

    Barbara Verchot