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Engineering Management Curriculum

Note: Applicants interested in this concentration will apply to our general Engineering Management track in the graduate admissions portal. Once admitted, students will use the suggested pathways below to customize their course plans in accordance to their educational/professional background and aspiring career goals.

Engineering Management

Business Courses

(19 credits, 7 courses)

Engineering Management Core Courses

(6 Credits, 2 courses)

Quality and Reliability Engineering Pathway

(9 Credits, select 3 courses)

  • 16:137:602 Regression Analysis (3cr)
  • 16:540:580 Quality Management (3cr)
  • 16:540:585 Systems Reliability Engineering I (3cr)
  • 16:540:685 Systems Reliability Engineering II (3cr)
  • 16:540:594 Risk Analysis and Mitigation (3cr)
  • 16:960:542 Life Data Analysis (3cr)
  • 16:960:590 Design of Experiments (3cr)

Product and Packaging Engineering Pathway

(9 Credits, select 3 courses)

Pharmaceutical Engineering Pathway

(9 Credits, select 3 courses)

Informatics and Data Engineering Pathway

(9 Credits, select 3 courses)

Applied Engineering Pathway

(9 credits, select 3 courses from multiple pathways)

Science/Engineering Electives

(9 Credits, select 3 courses)

Select any 3 engineering/science electives within your engineering specialization. Please see the MBS courses-by-semester page for the current course offering



In addition to the 43 credits required in science and business, students must attend 12 colloquium events to qualify for graduation. Click here to learn more about colloquium events.

If you have questions about program curriculum, please contact the concentration coordinator(s) or request an appointment with an advisor.