Business Curriculum

The same business curriculum applies to all concentrations and is offered on all campuses: Newark, New Brunswick, Camden.

Course Requirements:

The business curriculum is the same for all students regardless of the science concentration. It consists of 19 credits divided over some core courses and some electives. 

Please see the MBS courses-by-semester for the current course offering.


Course Requirements (New Brunswick/Newark)




Finance & Accounting (3 credits)
16:137:530 Principles of Finance and Accounting  (3) Mandatory for all students
Marketing (3 credits)

Market Assessment /

CMD Marketing (Please click here to find out how to register.) 

Please see current MBS course list for semester offerings.

Mandatory for all students
Communication & Leadership (3 credits)


Principles of Communication & Professional Development for Science & Technology Management (3) Mandatory for all students
Science & Technology Management Electives (6 credits -select 2 courses)
  Please see here for suggested electives. Students select 2 courses
Ethics & Professionalism (1 Credit)
16:137:500 Ethics for Science & Technology Management (1cr, online) Mandatory for all students
16:137:503 Colloquium in Professionalism for Science & Technology Management (0cr) Students must attend 12 colloquium during the course of their degree. This is a graduation requirement.
Capstone (3 credits)
       The capstone course is a project-based course covering the fundamentals of       
       entrepreneurship, entrepreneurship, innovation commercialization, and intellectual property.
       Students are expected to work on team projects analyzing technology innovations and creating
       business cases/plans. At least 3 of the core classes must be completed before the capstone course. -
16:137:600 Science & Technology Management Capstone (3 credit, Fall, Spring) Mandatory for all students


 **These are the suggested core courses, any other equivalent course may be substituted.

***other marketing options are also available under 601/602 special topics numbers.


The Camden course requirements can be found here.

NOTE: Internship credits may be taken as Electives. More information on internship can be found here