Business Curriculum

Course Requirements:

The business curriculum is the same for all students regardless of the science concentration and is offered on all campuses: Newark, New Brunswick, Camden.It consists of 19 credits divided over some core courses and some electives. 

Please see the MBS courses-by-semester for the current course offering.


Course Requirements (New Brunswick/Newark)




Finance & Accounting (3 credits)
16:137:530 Principles of Finance and Accounting  (3) Mandatory for all students
Marketing (3 credits)
16:137:650/651 (F, S) 

Market Assessment /

CMD Marketing (Please click here to find out how to register.) 

Please see current MBS course list for semester offerings.

Mandatory for all students
Communication & Leadership (3 credits)


Principles of Communication & Professional Development for Science & Technology Management (3) Mandatory for all students
Science & Technology Management Electives (6 credits -select 2 courses)
  Please see here for suggested electives. Students select 2 courses
Ethics & Professionalism (1 Credit)
16:137:500 Ethics for Science & Technology Management (1cr, online) Mandatory for all students
16:137:503 Colloquium in Professionalism for Science & Technology Management (0cr) Students must attend 12 colloquium during the course of their degree. This is a graduation requirement.
Capstone (3 credits)
       The capstone course is a project-based course covering the fundamentals of       
       entrepreneurship, entrepreneurship, innovation commercialization, and intellectual property.
       Students are expected to work on team projects analyzing technology innovations and creating
       business cases/plans. At least 3 of the core classes must be completed before the capstone course. -
16:137:600 Science & Technology Management Capstone (3 credit, Fall, Spring) Mandatory for all students


 **These are the suggested core courses, any other equivalent course may be substituted.

***other marketing options are also available under 601/602 special topics numbers.


The Camden course requirements can be found here.

NOTE: Internship credits may be taken as Electives. More information on internship can be found here